Stadium ban for women: Iran fears about WM

“The FIFA has associated with concerns that women were not allowed in Maschad in Maschad,” announced the World Association for Demand, after Iran’s World Cup qualifiers against Lebanon 2000 from the Sports Department and the Association allowed women despite valid tickets of access to the stadium

How Iranian women sneak into soccer stadiums | DW English
had been denied.

The FIFA therefore demands further information from the Iranian Association, which now fears the disqualification of his national team of the Winter World Cup, for which the team has already qualified athletic.
In October 2019, Iran for the first time for 40 years had been allowed women in football matches, which the FIFA is also “expected.” There can be no way back. ”
Possible sanctions were still open to the World Association, Board member Mehrdad Seradschi from the Iranian Association reported on the part of FIFA by “worrying news”.

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