Diablo Immortal: You can also register for iOS now, but the bonus is on the cant

The release of Diablo Immortal seems to move closer. At least the pre-order phase has now been unlocked for iOS. On devices with Android is the case for a long time – but here you can also register (via Blizzard). Here you will find the links to the corresponding platforms:

  • Diablo Immortal on iOS
  • Diablo Immortal on Android

Pre-order bonus for Diablo Immortal is linked to conditions

Even if Diablo Immortal Free2play is, you bonus a bonus when you order the game. However, this does not just exist. Blizzard wants 30 million registrations on Apple and Android devices before the bonus is unlocked for every1. If the pre-orders are not reached, we are probably empty.

Should this ambitious number be achieved, you get the Horadrim Accessoireset. Previously, however, you have to play the tutorial within the first 30 days after release. Depending on the class, the cosmetic outfit looks different.

Here you see the bonus outfit for the different classes that we have to work together:

How to work classes and cosmetics in Immortal: Blizzard has recently announced that cosmetic items in Diablo Immortal will play a significantly greater role than in other parts. This is mainly due to the strong service character of the game and the MMO influences that make it important that the avatars are also visually different from each other.

In addition to armor and weapons that influence your stats, you will find many cosmetics that only affect the look of your character.

Speaking character: You can change the class at Diablo Immortal at any time and gets the game even a suitable equipment that corresponds to your level.

How Diablo Immortal actually plays is to be found in the following video:

When does Diablo Immortal appear?

Unfortunately we still do not know exactly if Diablo should be released immortal. Since the shift from 2021 to 2022 there are no concrete information. While the pre-registration of June 30th has appeared as a date, this has already been confirmed as a placeholder.

More Gems with THIS METHOD in Diablo Immortal?

Nevertheless, it should no longer be too long until we are allowed to gamble the title extensively after the registration has now been unlocked on all platforms.

Do you register for Diablo Immortal?

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