“Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz” Complete New Event “Diablo Clinic” held!

Coropra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koshi Miyamoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, “Coropra”) is for smartphone game “Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz (hereinafter” Black Cat Wiz “)”, Fully new new event “Diablo Clinic” is held from March 31, 2022 (Thu).

Coropra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koshi Miyamoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, “Coropra”) is for smartphone game “Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz (hereinafter” Black Cat Wiz “)”, Fully new events “Diablo Clinic” are held from March 31, 2022 (Thu).

[“Black Cat Wiz Official Site URL] https://colopl.co.jp/magicianwiz/

# New event “Diablo Clinic” outline

From January 31, 2022 (Thu) 16:00, we have held a new event “Diablo Clinic”. In addition, five people from Astaro (CV), Bael (CV), Bael (CV: A-ni Anna), Bael (CV: Hongi Anna), Bael (CV: Hongi Anna), Bael (CV: Hongi Anna), Bael (CV: Hongi Anna), Bael (CV: Tono Anna), Bael (CV: Tono Anna), Bael (CV: Lands Berry Arthur), Astarot (CV: Lands Berry Arthur) We will hold an event to appear.

# # Event holding period

March 31, 2012 (Thu) 16: 00-2022 (Thu) 15:59 schedule

# “Diablo Clinic” event PV


# # Gacha appearance character

Dantarion (CV: Miki Shinichiro), Sharoma (CV: A-Ga Nong), Fenex (CV: Eightbound Anna), Bael (CV: Tono Hikaru), Astarot (CV: Landsbury Arthur) has appeared..

# # Gacha holding period

March 31, 2012 (Thu) 16: 00-2022 (Thu) 15:59 schedule

# # Dantarion (CV: Miki Shinichiro)

D Mental Clinic The only doctor psychiatrist David. He is a player who can not eat the attitude that he has felt a foolish attitude, but its true character is the strongest and the strongest devil dantalion.

# # Shalom (CV: Avian Miko)

A newcomer trainer who is just assigned to the Pandemonium General Hospital, the world’s largest hospital. He is assigned to Dantarion and has been sent daily to his good behavior.

# # Phenex (CV: eight volumes Anna)

D Mental Clinic The only nurse Felice. He always takes a good attitude to David with melomero. The genie phenekus that once carried out Dantalion and Dantarion.

# # Bael (CV: Hikaru Tono)

Beatrix serving as a director of Pandemonium General Hospital. He has high capacity as it is, so it boasts highly popular with patients and staff. The genie Bael is the original and the strongest devil.

# # Astaroto (CV: Lansbury Arthur)

A young genius surgeon albert boasts a pandemonium general hospital. He is always elite, so females are not popular because they do not have a gentleman attitude. His true body is a great duke of hell Astaroto.

# # # Synopsis

Medical city Babylon where cutting-edge medical care gather. There were one psychiatrist with a pandemonium general hospital soared there. Davids who are always walking and walking with no matter what other person The newcomer trainee chalome, which is assigned to him, sends a day that is swinging to her strange behavior. But people do not know. This world has a devil who aims at people ‘s mind, and there is a dentist (Maris). And it is the strongest genie that the David’s true identity fights against the disease….

# “Chara page + 1 Crystal Crystal” appeared!

Period: 2022/03/31 (Thu) 16:00 to 2022/04/15 (Fri) 15:59

Paid “Chara Present + 1 Crystal” has appeared for a limited time. For a limited time, you can purchase a crystal that has a bonus a “Chara Present”. It is a very advantageous campaign.

# “Diablo Clinic Commemorative Campaign” held!

From March 31, 2022 (Thursday) 16:00 “Diablo Clinic Commemorative Campaign” has been held. During the period, “Black Cat Wiz” Official Twitter account (@ColopL_Quiz) is followed, and it is possible to rt one of the tweets with a hashtag “#diabloclinic holding commemorative” that will be posted more than the official account during the period Apply will be completed. Please apply.

Application period

March 31, 2022 (Thu) 16: 00-2022 (Tuesday) 15:59

Qualification requirements

· If you have a Twitter account
· If you live in Japan

Application method

During the period [official] Follow the wizard and black cat with (@colopl_quiz), and apply by rt any tweet that has a “#diabloclinic opening commemorative” hashtaged a “#diabloclinic opening commemorative” during the relevant period It will be completed.

※ The private account is not subject to lottery.
※ Anyone who has a Twitter account if you have a Twitter account.
※ If you remove follow or delete RT before shipment shipping, the application will be invalid.
※ We will only win the same person only once.

# # About prizes

· We will give a special acrylic block to 22 people by lottery from those who applied according to the application method.

Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz Basic Information

Quiz & Card Battle RPG to advance the quest while answering the quiz. The stage of the game is a magician and a fictional world quess = alias. The player will be a wizard and aims to be a leading wizard. We have reached its 9th anniversary on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

◆ App name: Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz
◆ Price: Item charge system
◆ Official site URL: https://colopl.co.jp/magicianwiz/
◆ Official Twitter Account: https: //twitter.com/colopl_quiz
▼ Google Play URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? ID = jp.colopl.quizwiz
▼ App Store URL: https: //itunes.apple.com/app/id621106129
▼ Amazon Android App Store URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/b00fp8opia

  • Other than the Kindle Fire series, please install and enjoy the Amazon Android app store from the above URL on AndroidTM terminal.

# Corporation Overview

Company name: Coropra Co., Ltd. https://colopl.co.jp
Location: Koho-ku, Tokyo 9-7-2 Midtown East 6F
Established: October 1, 2008
Capital: 6,556 million yen (as of the end of December 2021)
Representative: Representative Director President Miyamoto

[Business contents]
Providing mobile game service for domestic and overseas focusing on smartphone apps
VR (Virtual Reality) Providing Services for Device International Local Listing, Investment and Fund Operation for Unlisted Companies

Coropra has raised “Entertainment in Real Life” as a mission and continues to focus on the expansion of smartphone apps, and provides more fun and more wonderful entertainments that are almost all of people’s lives.

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