Implementation KT, Holding Typical Company Conversion Review Formulation

KT formulated the transition to a holding company.

In the Securitiesist, KT’s subsidiaries have been interested in the company that is directly interested in the possibility of converting the landscape company through demand for corporate value rise.

KT President KT said, “I am not a holding company, but it is obviously interested in the conversion of a holding-up type in the hosted shareholders’ meeting at KT R & D Center, Seoul Woe-myeon, Seoul, 31,

“Last year, the content was wrapped in studio, and the financial degree was wrapped in the center of the BC card,” he said, “he said,” he said. “

Business capability development webinar

It means that you can draw KT’s stocks through your subsidiary adjustments, headquarters business separation, and turning a holding company.

“This year’s IPO (Corporate Public) Preparation company has Milli’s books and K-Bank,” said K.Bank said, “Cay Bank is preparing for the end of this year or early next year.”

He also said, “There are a few companies that have to have IPOs,” he said to an additional IPO target.

Prior to, Hana Financial Investment attracted the report that the KT KT is expected to switch to the holding company through a deflection of 2023.

We divide our headquarters into several sectors, and the merger between the subsidiaries, and its business restructuring, such as the restructuring of the head office,

The KT side was a ‘holding company’ for the review of the holding company on this day.

In the securities prices, “If you consider KT’s financial company, it is difficult to match the holding company conversion requirements,” explained that “If you do not have a legal dealer, you will see a similar form of holding company.”

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