Elden Ring: Players find numerous places from the game in the real world

Well, are you still in Elden Ring fever? For a good month, the monumental role play is already on the market and we were in our test just as enthusiastic as much of the gaming. Anyone who could not give up nothing to Hype, but now his journey starts, we recommend our practical entry-level tips.

If, on the other hand, you have been on the up intermediate country , then you should have unique pictures in mind with the terms “seal prison”, “stone worms”, “Golden Tree” and “Mickbeet”. So it also happened to other players, which actually discovered the places and objects just mentioned in the real world .

Real world or video game? Elden ring mixes the boundaries

The first find comes from Reddit users Atrippyabsolute, who has discovered an extremely suspicious statue in Portland, Oregon in the United States. She should remember Elden Ring fans immediately to the stone worms, which stand everywhere in the intermediate country and crawl. Most of the time there is a sealing prison velvet strong boss, the photographer of the picture should be in eight.

This also applies to the Reddit user Marxama, who found such a seal prison in Uppsala in Sweden. Just like in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €), the stone monuments seem to be distributed throughout the world throughout the world. Stonewums are not visible on the picture, but maybe they were just cleared from another stained.

REDDIT users AbestoSDeath can look much more about his find: he has shot a photo of a gold-glossy tree, whose connection to the earth tree one could probably only be abseated with tomatoes on his eyes. At the foot of the tree, the lucky finder should now expect a golden seed , with which he can fill a new sip in his bottle of purple tears!

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The Reddit user mentaloriental has also had luck with his find of a gigantic mistbeet. Depending on the color, these joins in Elden Ring are one of the two bottles of players, but gray copies usually have a rare war ash in the luggage. Now he has to do the die beetle only fast enough so he does not escape him!

Surely there are more such places that are strongly reminiscent of localities and living beings from Elden Ring. Somewhere, from Software boss Hideetaka Miyazaki must have heard the world’s inspirations for Elden Rings! Maybe you’ll see a series of dogs swimming in a zoo next visit, with their heavy tanks on their backs lazy through the water and have to think directly about Elden Ring?

Our tips and tricks to Elden Ring

On the other hand, you are still enthusiastic in the world of Elden Ring, we may have one or the other useful hint for you. In our extensive tips-and-tricks collection to the role-playing game, we help you with the quest straps to the sorceress Ranni, the dirty Dunwater or FIA, the companion on the dying bed.

And if you are interested in the quesites and NPCs less, because instead you want the best weapons , we have not only an overview of the best weapon of each category, but also a list of all legendary weapons in the game. So you are prepared for every encounter in the game, whether weak soldier or threatening boss!

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