Nintendo: Collectors supplies over 1,400 euros for rare Barbie

A passionate Nintendo fan finally completes his game collection. The price for the last piece of puzzle: over 1,400 euros. Which game is there so much money? Of course – for a Barbie game.

Nintendo: Barbie game costs collectors tons of money

It may sound absurd, but actually a Nintendo collector bought a rare Barbie game worth more than 1,400 euros. What makes the game so expensive? Barbie: Groom and Glam Pups (in Europe “Barbie: Fun and Fashion Dogs”) only appeared in Canada in Physical version. In the US, one could only buy digital since its publication in 2010.

EPIC Barbie Collector & Silkstone HAUL!

The game got Galdius, so the reddit name of the collector, purchased online for just under 1,450 euros . And the shipping costs from North America to Brazil were not even invalidated.

In a reddit post, Galdius now shows his valuable possession:

Thus, his collection of all Nintendo 3DS games published in North America is complete. 419 games are thus at the number. This year, however, another 3DS game is supposed to see the light of the world. The Side Scrolling Shooter named Andro Dunos 2 is already pre-ordered. After all, Galdius wants to keep his collection up to date.

So she sees at least until now off:

Only one question: why?

In the comments, the collector is especially congratulated, but many pity also his account balance. Why should someone spend so much money for an old Barbie game? This question also asks him a reddit user, whereupon he only answers that you could continue the game at any time.

Apart from that, he also writes in the comments that his future child could look forward to the collection. The expectant parents expect a girl and they even bought a 3D ** for their daughter. Maybe she will look forward to the game later.

_1.400 Euro are a lot of money for an old 3DS game. Since Switch players have already repeated purchases for less: _

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