Here is the new Dragon Ball Super poster: Super Hero

Sadly, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero still does not have a release date after the cyber attack that suffered toei animation . The good news is that, despite this, its producers do not intent to slow down the promotional material for this film, and a new poster shows us the different characters that will be part of this feature film.

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Via twitter , the account of dbschronicles has shared this new poster, which is slightly different from the one before we had previously showed us all the cast of super hero.

On this occasion we can see a few variations to some of the characters, and we do not really know why. The arrival of this poster may be a good sign for the future of Super Hero , but it will be best not to have expectations very high compared to their new release date.

Editor’s note: It is definitely unfortunate that Super Hero has run out of release, but we must understand that this was not Toei Animation. This film is extremely important for both them and fans, so they must ensure that everything is in order for its premiere.

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