“Dead by Daylight” Testing to Improve Match Making-To explore balance of fairness and latency

BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE announced that the test of the matchmaking system will be implemented for asymmetric competition horror “ Dead by Daylight ” and published the date and time.

It is adopted by the public match of this work, measuring the player’s skills inside the game, and it becomes easy to match the opponent that it is easier to match with the opponent who is judged to be close to the skill. This system implemented in 2021 is a voice that wants to give priority to fair match making and more waiting time, and to explore the appropriate balance of fairness and latency It has been implemented this test.

Tests are scheduled for a total of six times in the following schedule on PC version and home game-style programming live servers, each in the morning from midnight to 11:59 pm. Although specific explanations have not been made to avoid feedback that the change points will be affected by conveying changes in advance, if you have a more emphasis on fairness, you will have a matchmaking speed with the top priority. It is also supposed to do the times you think.

  • 1st : March 29

  • 2nd : March 30

  • 3rd : March 31

  • 4th : April 1

  • 5th : April 5


  • 6th : April 8

During testing, a dedicated form for writing impressions is open. Besides that, please check here for details on this test.

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