Competition for PS5? Apple wants to make a console again

Currently a rumor ghosts through the Internet, according to which Apple is currently considering to bring a video game console on the market. This rumor comes from Foreneposts in the Korean Forum Clien and has been quickly spread on pages like reddit .

Does the Apple console come?

The rumor originally emerges according to Post Taiwan . According to this, Apple is currently dealing with the opportunity to bring a console to the market. With regard to various ideas, external advice should be sought. In addition to the creation of an independent gaming console is supposed to be in the room to recruit Apple TV to a video game console. Currently is available at Apple TV via the Apple Arcade service , play games on the device. Larger titles comprising about Sonic portings for the App Store, or the arcade variant of NBA2K22 .

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However, the offer does not include the large amount of classic triple-a titles on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the PC, the Switch or Numerous Xbox variants. This may change with the alleged plans of the company behind the iPhone, the iPad or Apple TV. With regard to the console project, you should currently ask for Capcom and Ubisoft for advice.

How realistic is the rumor?

Apple Is (Probably) Making A Video Game Console
The rumor is currently very difficult to verify. It is, as I said, posts from a European point of view, obscure Korean forum. Although Apple currently has a service in its own repertoire with Apple Arcade, it is clearly designed for the mobile or casual market.

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If Apple decide to bring a console to the market, in whatever form, it would not be your first attempt. Already in the 90s, Apple tried with the “Pippin” on a video game console. Little surprisingly, this massif failed and quickly became an obscura edge note of the 1990s console wars. At the time the device was never really marketed as an “Apple device”. Undoubtedly it would be exciting to observe how the company could assert itself almost 25 years later in the console market.

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