Football Column: No Goals, No System, No Money! The reasons for Italys World Cup

Only 256 days after the EM victory, the Italian football crashes after the sensational World Cup-out in the next crisis. The reasons are not only at National Coach Roberto Mancini and are not new, especially. The football column.

Almost exactly a year, it is that the supposed football dwarf Nordmasedonia shook a former World and European Champion with a goal in the last minute.

In the Duisburg Schauinsland travel arena, Eljif Elmas arrived after a counterattack for the sensational 2: 1 victory in the World Cup qualification against Germany. Even reputable media then wrote from a blam.

At the same time, the retreaded Italy won 2: 0 against Lithuania and thus had after three games 6: 0 goals and nine points in the account, the World Cup participation in Qatar seemed to become a self-runner.

It followed two test matches in June with 11: 0 hits, then the Euro preliminary round with three wins and 7: 0 goals. Only in the K.O. Round did the Squadra Azzurra had to accept counterplace for the first time, but at the end, in the end, took the first European Championship title since 1968 at the end of Italian circumstances.

The triumphant of the round-renewed eleven of Roberto Mancini no four years after the Descentrous Missing of the World Cup finals 2018 was expressed by German media as a blueprint for a new beginning of the DFB selection failed at the EM.

“Italy is a luminous example of the German national team”

“What Germany from Italy’s resurrection can learn,” says about “That should learn Germany from Italy,” called the waz. And the welt said: “Italy is a glowing example of the German national team.”

256 days after the final of Wembley, such and similar demands are completely silenced. Because while the German team under Löw-Successor Hansi Flick in their, however, not particularly heavy group got the curve and is easily qualified from Nordmacedonia as a group winner for Qatar, the Italian crash began.

Since the European Championship victory, the Squadra Azzurra only won twice and conceded the first defeat after the world record series of 37 unbeaten international matches in a row. However, the most serious consequences had the draw: a total of four draws in the last five qualifiers made sure that Switzerland could snap the group victory still in the last second.

“Penalty death” Jorgho brings Italy to direct World Cup quali

Responsible for the Heroes of Summer: Midfield Motor Jorginho, after the EM and the Champions League success with the FC Chelsea named Europe’s footballer of the year, awarded in both games against Switzerland (0: 0, 1: 1) the tangible approach Victory and the direct ticket to Qatar with two spotted penalties.

And from the game it was Italy’s unfamiliar storm and penetrated at the euro (13 goals in seven lots) suddenly only a lively ventilation, especially in the last group game at the 0: 0 against the limited northerniren. “From the sky of the EM into the purgatory. What a disappointment!”, Commented tuttoSport afterwards. And the Spanish AS went a step further: “Italy back in hell!”

Because with this day the fear was back in Italian football. The fear of a renewed failure in the playoffs as in the fall of 2017 against Sweden. Because since the European Championship “the whole lightness towards the way to the World Cup, the magical nights of London are slightly faded,” wrote the Kicker.

“Core melt” and “Apocalypse”: Italy’s press grimbs in the sound

Playoff against Nordmasedonia becomes the “self-fulfilling prophecy”

And so the playoff semifinals became a kind of “self-fulfilling prophecy” on Thursday. Although the hosts were with 65 percent ball possession, 16: 0 corners and 32: 4 goals shots at home, but they were really dangerous they were almost never.

What was again at the nearly inexplicable harmlessness of the Sturmtrios still so shiny storm trios, the leader of the series A, Ciro Immere Goalterslistlist list, the second-best Italian attacker Domenico Berardi and Napoli-Star Lorenzo Instemsi Napoli Star Lorenzo.

She justified the confidence of Mancini as little as the other four players from the starting element of the EM endpiece. However, despite the obvious form crises of other supposed supports such as Gianluigi Donnarumma and Marco Rati, the National Coach renounced experiments.

Fabio Grosso 'Magical Goal' Vs Germany

Roberto Mancini renounced two goals

He previously assorted the highly compositioned striker Gianluca Scamacca (23) and brought the naturalized Joao Pedro, since summer 2020 with 26 hits in 66 league games of the most successful Brazilian scorer in Europe, only in the 89th minute.

At this time, not only the TIFOSI in the stadium of Palermo and throughout the country, but also the players wanted to resolve, they could continue to play for hours without meeting.

And so the destructive final point also suited into the picture when Aleksandar Trajkovski in the detention time with his distance hit to 1: 0 Italy put the K.O.-kick. Like the fact that only penalty fails Jorginho came too late, because he first complained instead of going to the ball.

“Magath is ready!” Network reactions to the Italian debacle

Historical bankruptcy for the Squadra Azzurra: Since 2006 without World Cup victory

“Just as the European Championship was the most beautiful experience of my life, this was the greatest disappointment,” said the konstaried Mancini, whose future is uncertain despite the contract, after the historical bankruptcy.

Until the 2018 World Cup, Azzurri since 1958 had always been there for continental finals, the World Champion from 2006 already failed the second World Cup in a row. The Triumph of Berlin 2006 remains at least until 2026 the last Italian victory in a K.O. game, because in 2010 and 2014, the team embarked on each with the out of the preliminary round.

“Italy’s football reaches its lowest level of all time”

“Italian football reaches its lowest level of all time,” the Corrierre della Serra judged. The EM victory is forgotten, the Calcio is back on a similar low point like 2017.

“The deep Italian crisis reminds in many of the problems in Germany at the millennium turnout,” then I wrote in a comment: “A weakening league, which mainly coincides from her former glory and is structurally as a sporty of the international tip. A system that both For most clubs as well as in the national team rather on the old ones rather, instead of giving hopeful talents to give a chance. “

If you believe the experts may believe, this analysis is still still up to date. Mancini has set up with the new building, above all, the core formed the two Oldies Leonardo Bonucci (34) and Giorgio Chiellini (37). Younger professionals, on the other hand, have heavy, the highly traded Sandro Tonali from AC Milan came against Nordmasedonia only in the 77th minute in the game.

Trainer legend Sacchi: “Are 60 years ago”

“The least guilt in this situation makes the players and the coach. The problem lies in the system,” but the former National Coach Arrigo Sacchi, who became the Squadra World Cup second in 1994. “Our youth departments are full with players from abroad, which are bought like fruits and vegetables, the clubs are most debilitated, the teams gain nothing more outside of Italy.”

The reason for this, the former thinker of the Gazzetta dello sport, was that the country was “culturally backward”: “There are no new ideas. The other nations develop, we have stayed at the level of 60 years ago.”

A hard judgment of the 75-year-old, but in fact, the series A is far away from its former role as the strongest league of the world to Sacchi’s glory times in the 90s. For four years, no Italian team has reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. The hopes that at least figurehead and permanent champion Juventus Turin can compete with international top teams has smashed in recent years.

Ronaldo, Lukaku, Dybala: Stars sweep the seria a back

Three times in a row, the old lady ran from supposedly smaller leagues against opponents in the second round of the royal class, the costly purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo could not change anything. After the exit of the ex-world footballer before the season in Paulo Dybala, the next star will leave the series A after this season. As previously Romelu Lukaku or Achraf Hakimi, who returned his back despite Championship Inter Milan.

In addition to the lack of sporty class and attractiveness, most stadiums have been in a devastating state for years, there are always problems with violent trailers and right-wing extremists. “The misery of Italian football,” the frankfurter General Zeitung Title to Juves K.o.: “That issues the problems in the series A open: little class, little money, racist fans.”

Through the million losses through the Corona consequences, the economic problems will probably change in most cases, virtually all clubs complain about massive, partly existing threatening failures. The League plagued almost four billion euros in the summer of 2019 before the pandemic in the summer of 2019.

“Italy’s football at European level no longer competitive”

Even the longtime flagship club Juventus has great problems, after about 210 million euros in profound revenue in the past season, according to Gazzetta should now return around 200 million. “Italy’s football is no longer competitive at European level,” wrote the Corriere dello Sport almost exactly one year ago. After that, the fantastic European em-summer followed and for a moment the Italian football world seemed to be azure blue that she was portrayed as a role model for others. No nine months later, depression is back. And the bleak winter without a World Cup comes only. Articles and videos about the topic * No World Cup for Italy: The numbers to the disaster * Balloon-d’or winner as a mancini successor? * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

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