FC Barcelona instead of Real Madrid? Unexpected twist in poker around Kylian Mbappe

So far, it seemed to stiff that SuperStar Kylian Mbappé aborts his tents at Paris Saint-Germain and connects Real Madrid in summer. But now, with FC Barcelona, ​​a new competitor appears in the poker around the French world champion.

Le Barça veut CHIPER Kylian Mbappé au Real Madrid | JT Foot Mercato

As reported to “L’équipe”, the FC Barcelona should also strive for an obligation of Kylian Mbappé.

His current employer Paris Saint-Germain had been informed about the interest of the Catalans, it means – a “rather unexpected turn”, as the prestigious French Kylian Mbappés sheet writes with plenty of understatement.

For MBAPPÉ really decided after the expiration of his contract at PSG for a change to Barca instead of the royal, that would be an absolute sensation.

Even last summer, Spain’s record champion wanted to commit the 23 year old attacker. At that time, it was ultimately not for agreement with PSG. With mbappé itself, however, everything should be long ago in dry cloths, so that nothing seemed to be a removable change in this summer – so far.

Is the FC Barcelona liquid enough for a mbappé deal?

It is questionable whether Barca really could lace the exorbitant financial package of the MBappé deal despite the lack of transfer fee. In addition to a top content, the still-PSG professional would also collect a rich handy money.

However, Barca last completed a 300 million euro sponsoring contract with the music streaming service Spotify. Fresh money to actually throw the hat in the ring at Mbappé, so would be there.

The fact that Mbappé stays out in Paris beyond his end of the contract is becoming more and more unlikely. In the race ensemble of the Seine it is supposed to crunch. After the 0: 3-Blamage last against the AS Monaco, Mbappé asked his teammates to “stay professional and respected each other”.

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