New motor sports game “Turbo Golf Racing” announced with golf and car racing!

The football game “Rocket League” by the car that PSYONIX has appeared in 2015, but the developer Hugecalf Studios newly announced the golf game “ Turbo Golf Racing ” by car.

This work is an arcade style speedy sports game, and the player aims to be a cup-in while thrusting a huge ball with a turboced car. The trailer published to the announcement contains a situation where various types of cars unfire a battle against incandescent.

# Rival and competition!

Welcome to the future of motor sports. In this game, you can enjoy the unprecedented golf while enjoying the raceway arcade style race with your friends. Use a supercharge, jump, flip, glide, boost, and dash, first put the ball into the hole.

Online 8 players

A maximum of 8 friends and Grand Prix-style race play can be played. Remove the rivals with the boost pad and out of the secret tunnel and block the missiles.

Power core

Unlocking and equipped with the supercore, you can get a force that will not lose to rivals. You can fly the ball more and fly faster and fly faster, and enjoy unique abilities such as ground stomp, gravitance balls and rolls. Find a meta tee to go one step ahead of the fellow with a variety of power cores.

Various Customization

Customize the car and ball to yourself. Paint option is infinite. Wheel, spoiler, shield car body, booster can also be changed.

Fly the sky

If you have a wing, you can fly away. If you fly in the sky with a turbo-equipped car, you will soon lead the rival. Get out of the tunnel and glide the fans and overcome various topography and obstacles and chase the ball.

Let’s use terrain

Turbo Golf Racing announcement trailer - Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2022

Fun play tips should use terrain well. I jump over the boost pad, downstream the fairway, avoid rough and sand traps, leave the cany and bend the shot, and put the ball on the green.

Rich Additional Content

Unlock cosmetic items while leveling up. With a free periodic update, new courses, power core and cosmetic items appear. Enjoy the world of games that spread more and more.

“Turbo Golf Racing” plans for PC (STeam) / Xbox Series x | S / Xbox One / Windows 10 (Game Pass compatible). We accept participation application to beta with the official site and Xbox Insider Program.

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