Crazy psychohorrholor ADV “Flower Shop” trailer-Subliminal “A scene” is “a scene” in the Subliminately …

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Developer BLACK BILE announced a psychohorrhora ADV “ Flower Shop ” for PC (STeam) and released a notice trailer.

This work is a psychohorroller adventure of a first person viewpoint that drew a daily life of a florist. The player will be a young man who works on at night in this flower shop. Customers are carefully picked up, making a bouquet, always cleaning the store and keeps a number of tasks. However, at the same time, a certain madness possessed by youth will gradually erode everyday. It is told by his crazy or just fantasy, and it is left to the player’s judgment.

The published trailer starts with a scene where one of the blood painted only one heel is rolling on the street. And while the landscape of the florist, which is a working place, sometimes the scene of the Subliminately, “ scene ” is….

Four rules are imposed on gameplay.

  • Collect a bouquet according to your order. Flower is not only safe.

  • Search for various objects. There are a lot of strange things in the store.

  • Let’s get along with girls with dating apps. If you put up a little, you should always meet someone.

* Do not go in the basement.

“Flower Shop” is scheduled to be released in 2022 for PC (STeam) for everyday life crazy. Currently, a specific release date is unknown.

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