Nexon Kim Jung-jus founder dreams of dreams

Owen Mahoi Nexon Japanese corporation representative is said, “The dream of the late Kim Jung-ju feeling a mission for achieving the dream of the founder,” he said, “The dream is to make Nexon as the most outstanding entertainment company in the world.”

Nexon founder Kim Jung ju dies at 54

On this day, Owen Ma Hani said, through the shareholder, the late Kim Jongju founder and announced the last one year and future plans in Nexon. “The late Kim Jung-ju founder was the one of the many people who I met,” he said, “he said,” Even if the appearance looked like a developer, his inner looks close to the artist. ” He said, “The late Kim Jung-joo founder emphasized innovation through challenges to Nexon’s employees, and he wanted to see criticism,” he said, “he added.

Then he said, “If there is a personality in the company, Nexon’s personality is the late Kim Jung-ju,” he said, “he said. He said, “All members of the Nexon are deeply saddened and falling in deep sorrow, but they feel a sense of mission to achieve the dream of the late Kim Jongju founder. The dream is to make Nexon as the most outstanding entertainment company around the world.” said.

Owen Ma Hani said Nexon summarized the project. The goal is ‘new and huge virtual world development’. According to Description, Nexon is a tool for virtual world operations △ Intellectual Property (IP) required for virtual world development (IP) △ Investment for access to entertainment, more than one entertainment △, I developed business.

“These Nexon’s principles are often when they are often in many trends that look upon,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said. “But they are not interested in the investment of Nexon’s investment in the development and operation of the huge virtual world.” However, these investment emphasized that Nexon’s business size and growth.

In the future, the games Nexon will show “New and Giant Virtual World Development”. On the 24th, the DJ and Fighter Mobile, which has been released in Korea, with Mobile Delta Arc Radars △ Cart Rider: The drift comes out first. The second game of the Embark Studio ‘Discovery’ aims to launch within a year after the launch of acrayers. ‘Mabinogi Mobile’ is also a target target title. “There is also a title in the development,” said Owen Ma Hani’s representative. “Over the past three years, I think that the efforts of Nexon will come back to a big fruit this year, next year and later.”

“In the case of a few plans, it may not be a big response in a short period of time,” said Owen Ma Hani, “I can not cause a big response to a short period of time,” but the change in the center of the entertainment business is that the center of the entertainment business is changing to the online virtual world. If it is recognized that it is in step, it would be realized that the investment mentioned above is suitable for preparing these future, “he said.

Finally, Owen Mahoney was the spirit of the late Kim Jung-ju founder. “We are currently living in the era of very high uncertainties. It is often not natural that it was not natural that it was not natural to have been considered only one year ago,” he said. ” It is not to be in the middle of the army, which is not falling into the military, “said the late Kim Jung-ju founder has been in the midst of 1994, since 1994, which has been established.”

Then, even if it seems uncertain in the short term, it is clear that this approach can eventually grow a long period of business, “This approach is the only way to build a brighter future through innovation. “I emphasized.

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