How to get a thermal rifle Mythic Huntmaster Sabre in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 2

FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 SEASON 2 is finally here with several new POI, new weapons, NPC and, of course, mythical weapons. The heat rifle “Sabl Hunter” is one of the new mythical types of weapons presented this season, and players can get it by defeating the boss “Saber Hunter”.

Huntmaster Saber's Mythic Thermal Rifle Location - - Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Mythic Weapons

TOT Saber Hunter Boss is located in Io Airship PARIK ON THE NEW POI COMMAND CAVERN . Players will find this boss that patrolling the lower floor of the IO airship, and must defeat it to get MYTHIC HUNTSMAN SABRE heat rifle .

How to defeat the Huntmaster Sabre boss in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

The Huntmaster Sabre boss is definitely one of the most complex NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and the players will need to effectively develop a strategy before entering into this fight. This boss has two special abilities: it can teleport to another place when they shoot it, and he performs a hand-to-hand attack by the wind from a close distance that shifts opponents and inflicts damage.

The ideal way to defeat this boss is to first survive against other players landing in this place. Find the boss without warning it, and throw grenades into it to loosen his shields. Boss Huntmaster Sabre teleports behind you, so make sure you have a shotgun ready. Die down or hide when it attacks melee, and stay in shelter to avoid its direct visibility.

Since the command cave is a hot location, players can expect a countless opponents who landed it will acquire the thermal rifle Huntmaster Saber. Be sure to deal with them before trying to fight with this boss.

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