Fortnite: Epic Games would be planning to leave a permanent mode without constructions

Fortnite: Battle Royale is currently happening for his second youth after the numerous changes to his metajuego related to the elimination of his most important mechanics as it is construction . And it is that many did not stand seeing as they were silent by experienced players who created gigantic towers in front of him and then be eliminated without understanding if he wants what has happened around him.


That is why Epic Games has already begun to move a sheet in the matter, dropping throughout these days that it could become a permanent way that will live with the one we meet all my life.

A very successful decision by Epic

According to several Dataminers experts in this Battle Royale, it seems that the US company had planned before Implement this mode indefinitely by Two simple reasons who has explained Hypex, one of the content creators of Fortnite More famous and praised of the community:

  • Being a limited time event, there are separate ways of not building that they can enable any time after it finishes
  • In many of the load screens, most messages have changed to give us a much more concrete meaning than it may occur: “In modes with the enabled construction…”

These two are one of the many signs that tells us that the most successful Battle Royale of recent years wants to settle again a gigantic base of players with the additions that have been appearing over the last seasons but without having to spend our time In learning to build and edit buildings that later come down as a work of Calatrava. Hopefully they learn from all this and that we can enjoy a free mode of editors that humiliate us with a little wood and metal.

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