Dragon Ball Super – Monster Box on DVD already hBox a date and price in Spain, what does it include?

Select Vision hBox confirmed that the Monster Box of Dragon Ball Super , a compilation chest of the complete series with its 131 episodes on DVD , will be available in Spain the next * April 20, 2022 *. Originally announced lBoxt November, the Dragon Ball Rights Distributor in Spain complete thus the Monster Box collection with the third canonical series of the universe of Akira Toriyama; In the pBoxt, the equivalents of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were published.

How much it costs and what Dragon Ball Super includes – Monster Box

Those interested in getting with Dragon Ball Super completely in a much more affordable way than in Blu-Ray – which can also be purchBoxed in Spain with subtitles and audio in Spanish – can be done Box of April 20 with this Monster Box on DVD, one limited edition box with magnetized opening and matte texture with brightness details. Each Edition is numbered .

Inside, we find a total of 10 volumes , which narrate all the SagBox de Dragon Ball Super from start to finish with audiovisual care to enjoy the best possible experience: Episodes restored, integrate and uncut with Audio CBoxtellano 2.0 ; Japanese audio 2.0 and subtitles in Spanish made Box of the translation of the Japanese original script . We can choose the television version or censorshipless version, at eBoxe each one.

  1. Saga of the Battle of the Gods
  2. Saga of the resurrection of “F”
  3. Champa tournament saga
  4. Trunks saga of the future
  5. Power tournament saga

Dragon Ball Super Parts 1-10 DVD/BluRay | Product Review #23

Next, a summary with everything we will find in the chest of this Monster Box of Dragon Ball Super, whose price in the Online Shop of Selecta Vision is 199,99 euros ; Already available for your reservation and with payment options in different installments.

  • Cofre Monster Box of Dragon Ball Super divided into 10 volumes.
  • 131 episodes divided into a total of 30 DVDs.
  • Date: April 20, 2022.
  • Price: 199.99 euros.
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 CBoxtilian and in Japanese with subtitules to Spanish.
  • Versions without censorship or TV version.
  • Limited and numbered edition box.
  • An episode guide is included at each volume.

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