Bold and flexible.

This is the 31st term of the Korean Bank (Han). The 43-year ‘Han is a man who is one of the 17th year of the financial monetary committee (MPC), which attended the plenary committee, which attended the monetary policy expert, which is a monetary policy specialist, It is a person who decided to improve and cut down.

** Appointment of governor 2014 after 1977

This song, the governor, was in 1977, in 1977, the Bank of Korea and Policy Planning Prize, Call Policy, and the Vice President of Call Policy. After being appointed as governors on April 1, 2014, after the regime has been replaced by Moon Jae-in, he was held on April 1, 2018. Han, Han, Han, Han, is the first time since 1998, which has begun to entrust Chairman of the Financial Call Committee, and is the first to be held since the regime has changed.

He is also a member of the Korean Bank at the top of the 43 years. The governor worked in Korea Bank, except for the two years, which was held as a Professor, a Professor of the Hana Financial Management Research Institute,

The Real Mechanics of Monetary Policy & Financial Plumbing (w/ Caitlin Long and Dr. Manmohan Singh)

He also attended the Movie Meeting of the Movement, as he rougher, the Bank of Korea, the director of the Korean Bank, the vice president, Only the number of the Meeting Meetings attended 466 times.

From Global Economic Crisis to Corona 19… The first zero interest rate decision keys

The total number of dollars was raised for 9 times for 8 years of his term, and raised five times. At his inauguration, the interest rate was 2.50% YoY, but the rate of interest rates fell to zero interest rate levels according to the thick domestic and overseas economy and social flow. The current standard interest rate, which is the time of debt, is 1.25%.

After his inauguration, the Global Economic Crisis and the Trainer The Impact of the Sundays were the first time in the first time. In August 4 months, he has reduced the benchmark interest rate from 2.25% YoY to 2.25% YoY in the August 2014. In May 2015, Mercedes and June 2016, we cut 1.25% while brocket.

As of November 2017, 1.50% YoY was 1.50%, and in November, 2018, he was 1.75% YoY in November 2018, but due to the US and China trade disputes, we decided to decide to 1.50% YoY.. The economic growth rate in 2019 was 2.2% to record the lowest in 10 years.

In 2020, ‘Big Step’ cuts and temporary Movie opened. Corona 19 is due to impact. On March 16, 2020, I opened the temporary M. Mt. 50 bp and decided to decide 0.75% YoY. On May 28, 2020, the lowest level in Korea has been operating by 0.50 percent in Korea.

In the market inside and outside the market, the interest rate hiking decisions of this spinning governor have no hesitation, and it is assessed that it responds flexibly to the economy situation.

Activities such as CBDC studies are also active

In addition to the monetary policy, the governor of this day is considered as a person who accepts a new era of time. When he started the wind blowing, he has been established related to the relevant dedicated organization, and it was also prospectively pronounced to the central bank issued digital monetary (CBDC) simulation test.

The governor has established the ‘Virtual Currency Research Center’ in February 2018 and was reorganized as the ‘Digital Innovation Study in February 2019, and in February 20, 20, the organization was expanded to the’ Digital Currency Research Team ‘.

Since August 2021, he was selected as a CBDC simulation by selecting a Cacao block chain affiliate ground X as a mock experimental research service provider. One-step simulation, which implements basic functions such as manufacturing, publication, distribution, and a second step in January was completed in January, and now it is in progress to verify the expansion of expansion and new technical applications.

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