In this impressive cosplay from The Batman, the Riddler can pack

Almost three weeks ago, the DC superhero stripes appeared The Batman and picked up the bat again on the big screen. The first critics from theaters of theaters were extremely positive and also in our review we were well done by the new film of the dark area away from some small things.

Hype seems to be over-jumped on many fans and so it is no wonder that even in the Cosplay scene some gifted costume cutters have their sewing out of the silence to the silent superhero of Gotham in his resilient suit too perpetuate.


The Batman Cosplay: New Suit, Old Hero

One of the best implementations is definitely from Cosplayer AegidiusDesigns , who already brought us this magnificent mysterio cosplay from Spider-Man: Far from Home. The good also seems to be a big fan of comic booking films and was certainly one of the first, who viewed the batman in the cinema.

It can hardly be explained differently that he has brought a crazy impressive replica of the Batman armor from the new superhero strip from the new superhero strip already so shortly after the publication of the film. In the more than just robust looking and tightly modeled on the original suit would certainly be actor Robert Pattinson gladly happened.

The background is a bit unspectacular with its simple concrete wall, but fits very well to the image of the gloomy avenue. The exposure, which unfortunately underwear some details of the suit, is very consistent and dives the superhero into an atmospheric twilight.

Other interesting cosplays

Do you have enough of superheroes and comic booking films? Fortunately, the world of video games also offers a large number of sighting cosplays for you. How about Artificial Intelligence Cortana from Halo Infinite or Survival Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2?

Also, the Open World Masterpiece The Witcher 3 serves us many characters that are often brought to life in the Cosplay community. Underneath, not only near-witcher Ciri and whole blood sorcerer Triss Merigold, but also the protagonist of Geralt of Riva – who lately likes to show himself from his female side lately.

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