Elden Ring: Change look – How to fits the character

In this character guide to elden ring you will learn:

  • How to change the appearance of the character
  • How to reach the chalkboard of grace
  • Where your tailoring tool for changing the equipment finds

The character editor of Elden Ring offers many ways to customize the design of your heroes and heroines. If you have crafted your figure into a superhumanly strong barbarians in the course of the game, but run through the area as a petite elf, you may adjust the exterior accordingly. In this guide, we show you how you change in Elden Ring appearance of characters and equipment .

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Where can I change in elden ring look of my character?

Like so many useful skills or mechanics in Elden Ring is also the option for changing the appearance hidden well . First, you have to expose access to the chalkboard of grace. You fought you either by castle storm veil, the first big dungeon in Limgrave, or you take a abbreviation backrum.

How do I reach the chalk of grace?

If you want to get storm veil by Castle, you have to take it with the Bossen Margit, the cruel times (Guide) and Godrick, the transplanted (guide). After that, the path leads through Godrick’s rooms from the castle and reaches a place of grace. There you take NPC Melina to the hand and teleport into the chalkboard of grace.

If you do not feel strong enough for these demanding fighting, you can handle the bosses and also the entire dungeon over a hidden path . Follow the way in front of the castle storm veil and bends in front of the gate on the big bridge. Go to the broken place and jumps down to the top of the scree. You reach a path that also leads to the said place of grace.

Elden Ring How To Change Looks - Customize Character Appearance ANY TIME Guide

How do I change my appearance in Elden Ring?

Did you reach the chalkboard of grace, look around and pass on the left side of the fireplace. Enter the room right of blacksmith Hewg in the next room. There you meet NPC FIA, which expects you to sitting on the bed. To the right of the front door is an age, trail and above all inconspicuous mirror . Provides you before and interacts with it.

Now you have access to the character editor, which you can last benefit from the start of the game after the choice of the class in Elden Ring. You can always return via the map by speed trip to the Tafelgrundt (dark circle far left below) and change your appearance.

How do I change the appearance of my equipment in Elden Ring?

In addition to the appearance of the game character, you may also change certain equipment in Elden Ring. However, you need two special items: the sewing needle and the tailoring tool . You will receive both if you defeat the half-men rulers in the dungeon “coastal cavity” in the West Limgraves.

Worried a torch or a lantern before, as described in our tips guide to Elden Ring, as the dungeon is pretty dark. As a reward, you will receive next sewing needle and tailoring tools also 1,200 Runes . With the items obtained, you can now adapt your equipment to any place of grace.

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