Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Jurassic Park & Co.: Hollywoods Nostalgie

Sequels to popular films do not apply in Hollywood since yesterday as a secure bank. The hunger of fans for new films of well-known brands have always been pants in Studio-Bossen. However, so-called legacy sequels are still a pretty young appearance. The term refers to films that continue a celebrated classic to retrieve old stars and at the same time try to build the brand name to a franchise or make it clear to a new generation.

Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History (Closer look)
These brands do not always have to be lost for ages, in the case of Star Wars, for example, in recent decades, there were heaps of material in the form of comics, video games and prequels in recent decades. But it is usually about films in which the first part already decades back. Basically, I have no problem with that big, popular brands overlim and have heroes like Rocky, Lake Skywalker, Neo and Trinity or Laurie Strode still have a place on the cinema wall.

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What goes to the biscuit is the extreme focus of these projects on nostalgia. And I do not write that because I’m a game verder and Griesgram. Well, maybe I’m a bit of a grape. But that’s not because I do not treat it fans to indulge in childhood memories.

You can never do it right to all fans and through the enormous worship that opposes franchises, it can quickly happen that the audience comes mad from the cinema hall because the new movie does not meet the special ideas. Anyone who advertises with nostalgia must eventually deliver them.

This has the consequence that all these at that time are damned due to trend or highly peculiar films to stay exactly as they were always. Never develop and always use the same iconography. The fans dictate how their favorite franchise has to be and are then disappointed if the desired feeling still does not set up. If you have just seen everything elsewhere. When it was new. And exciting.

Prime example Ghostbusters

Reason for this column, especially the legacy continued Ghostbusters gave me: Afterlife. A franchise that I have already liked since my youth and of which I have seen all offshoots.

The first Ghostbusters is a true film miracle. Hochoriginell, funny, perfectly occupied, captivating and full of memorable moments. There were exactly the right people together at the right time and created something unique. Even Ghostbusters 2 was very high in comparison with the direct predecessor. For the reboot of 2016, Studio Sony then put a completely new team with their own continuity.

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