“Apex Legends” octane does not remove the mask, or the developer answers. Reasonable scene situation

It seems that a little situation has been revealed about the character design of “Apex Legends”. One of the legends to appear in this work, octane. He beats the excites and rushes the battlefield high, “Apex Legends” is a speed star. Speaking of his trademark, a mask that covers his face to a characteristic goggle. At the same time as his funky appearance gave an intense impression, his face face was surrounded by the mystery since participation in 2019.

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However, the secret will be revealed in 2021. It is the book “Apex Legends Path Finders Quest” released in the same year. In the same reference, many stories and liveliaces are included in “Apex Legends”. It is a game official visual book that can be enjoyed as a collection of setting materials. And “Apex Legends Path Finders Quest” also recorded a large number of drawn illustrations. Among many new artwork, octane had a goggle and mask with a goggle and mask.

Since then, the face of octane was spread to the extent of the fan. And, among them, a user who thinks that an octane of octane was clearly revealed, so a user who thinks that an octane of a bare face may be mounted as a skin. However, according to developers, the story seems not to be so easy.

It is Moy Parra, who touched this topic and tweeted with Read animator in Respawn Entertainment. According to Parra, it is a very difficult task to implement octane’s base skin. In fact, it has not been prepared as a development team as a development team at present. Even if the rig does not contain a face, even if you implement a face face, it is said that an unacceptable octane will be born for everything.

In the tweets, Parra comments that Parra can be fully feasible to cover masks and helmets on a face with face. He is listed as a Wodwauchakin of Lace. On the other hand, for characters that do not assume that it originally put out a focus, such as octane or a bloodhound, the mounting of the annual face skin seems to have high hurdles.

In response to this, a user proposes that you can make a huge animation if you make a pattern that show a look at the Legend Select screen. On the other hand, Parra recognizes that it is a certain way. However, about the approach, he would divine their own pros and cons.

Various legends usually looked at normally. However, the background is the fact that legend is implemented, including animation, and a huge work. The prospect is unclear whether the face of the octane appears in the game, but it may be possible to think that it is a character of the staff, even with the specialty work of the staff.

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