This spacecraft, operation too busy! Spacecraft Cooperation Operation ACT “This Means Warp” starts early access!

Ireland and Canada Indie Games Development Company Outlier Games started early access to “This Means WARP” ** to PC (STeam).

This work is Multitask Action Game . Although I do not support Japanese at the time of writing, I can enjoy up to four multiplayers with online play support.

Players will go on a journey of the universe as a member of a large company “Globo Corp”, with the goal of the mysterious biological “Nog”. This work with an idea from a cooperative game such as “FTL: FASTER THAN LIGHT” and “OVERCOOKED”. A variety of missions that occur in the ship are planned, and the incandescent space battle with the hostile spacecraft is strategically prompted to play cooperative with friends.

This Means Warp - A CO-OP FTL?! (4-Player Demo Gameplay)

Maps to items All are randomly arranged This works including Rogue Like Elements . It is an early access version scheduled for about 12 months, but all the main stories can be experienced from the point of launch. Also, based on feedback from players, it is to aim for further extensions to the product version.

“This Means Warp” is currently launched with ¥ 2,050 (tax included) in STeam Store.

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