Elden Ring: Knot in the fingers and Horizon Zero Dawn is guilt!

There are many ways in Elden ring to fail. Up there with the naturally merciless defeats bosses and fatal falls. I my very first death but Horizon Zero Dawn push into the shoes, I would not have expected.

Annika Bavendiek
@ annika908

About the column series
Elden ring is the first Souls game for Annika at all. Dark Souls & Co. finds them too melancholy to cryptic and too hard, which is not as true to their tastes. but to get after all a sense of what constitutes the charm of these games and to find out if she even has a Noob stand a chance, she dares her first tentative steps in Souls Elden ring. In her diary products she records how she fights to be an absolute novice with the aim to bring the first demigod to route through the relentless Between land.

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  • Part 1: Humiliated earned a sheep and I’ve

This fucking control!

A sheep, nor a sheep and one more thing so much as they want me and jumbled them…, they have no chance against my samurai. But let’s be honest: collect runes In this way leveling quickly becomes tedious. And the aim of eventually my first real Souls boss to kill, I’m so not really closer. So there is no, I have to leave behind my reverence for Elden ring.

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Said and done: So I dare myself, very slowly behind a wall to the Knights in a camp north-west from the starting point by little like a ninja off. The direct confrontation, as befits a samurai, I just do not trust me yet.

Before Knight number one spotted me, I want to duck me still fast – I press the square button. Nothing happens. Damn, I press again. Still not. And before I know what’s going on, the knight is already in front of me and is getting ready to blow.


Waste “Santa Claus”


Hastily I take my my legs in hand and verschanze me at the nearby church ruins from the merchants that resembles with his red outfit Santa Claus. There I give myself again the control to heart.

It takes short, but then I see the light: Aloy’s debt Or rather my muscle memory!. Because before I dared the adventure Elden ring, I played many hours of Horizon Zero Dawn. No wonder, then, that I still have the control of Aloy so much in it that I automatically releases in stressful situations. But instead to duck as Aloy, my Samurai Liem uses the selected in the quick selection item, in this case, my my oh-so-precious potions.

Those who do not learn from your mistakes, your own fault

But well: errors detected and on a new 1. This time directly from the squat. Better safe than sorry. This takes longer, but eventually the newly aggressive knight is then dead. Number 2 also goes quickly to the ground. After that, I venture further into the camp. Still quietly, I will give way still steal me an item because suddenly discover me the remaining opponents.


cover risk


I Sprint off again, this time in the woods next door. Once squatting quickly cover – arg dammit! Again, the wrong button. I activate again falsely quick selection. But in which no healing potion, but the chosen at character creation souvenir this time was set. And it is the Zwischenlandrune who brought me in one fell swoop 3000 runes.

Why is this a problem? Because I flee from now with over 3,000 runes through the intermediate country, while Knights are after me, other Teams my way cross and I am obviously not bright place, when things get hectic. After death, there is always the possibility to collect the runes again, but at the risk I’m not sharp. The one and a half hours without the infamous “You’re dead” lettering I will gladly continue to expand.

Fortunately, it was possible to me to bring my runes in safety and to spend on a new level. The way there, however, was nerve-wracking and unnecessarily complicated. Because I did not know until then: 3,000 runes are in themselves not much, so acceptable. I also had the quick trip not on the screen. As illustrated once again: Knowledge is power.

Do not dignified, but death is death

After my rune rescue, I gradually touch myself to stronger opponents like bears and huge crabs and thus make me a little self-confidence. Of course, my muscle memory meets me even further in the way. It gets less, but always again I press the wrong button, waste potions and get over my inability.

Elden Ring How to Get & Use Finger Seal for Incantation (Xbox One | Series S|X)
Also, that’s at some point, at least until me suddenly a pack of wolves takes into the shortage and my muscle memory returns at the crucial moment. The end of the song is the “her be died” screen, which flickers the first time over my screen.


Ah, wolves!… and death crab salad nasty insect opponents


I had actually managed it as an absolute newcomer almost two hours without a death, just to be made cold by a stupid mistake of furry böthen. At least it would have been the huge dragon lawyer who surprised me in the middle of a shallow waters, or the nastily insectviechers in a crystal cave in which a sneaky chest has teleported me. But no, it had to be wolves. Celebration was thus my approach of self-confidence.

But how to show himself, I will pore like a phoenix from the ashes and teach the creatures in Elden Ring the fear! On the other hand, she certainly knows the saying: hemmism comes before the fall, right?

Sequel follows…

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