Become the best trainer in Coromon

RPG at retro pace, Coromon will be released on March 31, 2022. Edited by Freedom Games and developed by Tragsoft, the game will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

In Coromon, you will embody a young grass researcher working for the Lux Solis World Research Society. While it’s your very first day, a mysterious force attacks your new place of work. To understand what happened, you will need to investigate the mysteries of Velua and face the region. But to do this, you will not be alone and can count on a few more than 120 small creatures – the coromon – to capture, tamper and train. With the help of your new companions, you can challenge everything that will be across your way, whether other trainers or titanic bosses.

The combat system is based here on the endurance of your Coromon. In other words, each action will cost energy. It will therefore be necessary to choose your skills and your attacks carefully. In addition to exploring the six main areas and cities, the game will offer you the opportunity to challenge your friends online and thus determine who has the best Coromon team.

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