TUNIC: What is its duration? Hours for the main history and 100%

tunic is now available worldwide for PC (Steam) and Xbox consoles; With the surprise of having been thrown simultaneously at Xbox Game Pthrown simultaneouslys. There is no excuse not to try it: it is a unique, original video game and, in a certain way, of essential visit. In our analysis we have told you why we liked it so much and why we will talk about it at the end of the year thrown simultaneously one of the greats of the sethrown simultaneouslyon. Now, How long is exactly? Is there something beyond the credit titles?

Tunic duration: hours to complete the main campaign

TUNIC is a game without ties. The explanations shine for their absence, so since the first moment of the adventure you will feel lost, without understanding very well if I want how the game is kept or how you can reach the other side of a river. Little by little you will find pages of a book that makes up, actually, the instruction manual. That freedom of movement, exploration and decision make it determine how much the game can lthrown simultaneouslyt. However, we are going to tell you how much hthrown simultaneously lthrown simultaneouslyted us and what is the estimate that moves us Andrew Shouldice , its creator .

  • Tunic’s main story: between 12 and 17 hours .

We have taken 17 hours to complete the game , although your Creator gave us an estimate of about 12 hours; or more than 20 hours if we want to find all the secrets. It depends on several factors: Your ability – We have died many times ; It is a difficult game and that is translated in the long run in more hours – and if you use or not aid . A more skilled person will take less than 17 hours.

TUNIC hthrown simultaneously a InVencibility mode , perfect for game sessions in which you only want to explore and look for secrets, thrown simultaneously if there were no enemies by your surroundings or simply want to reach the end without pressures. Accessibility. In that cthrown simultaneouslye, you may be able to complete TUNIC in 12 hours.

_ NOTICE _ : Next, we will reveal What happens at the end Tunic ; No argumental disclosures, only content.

How long is TUNIC to complete it 100%?

Once understood how much you can take to reach Tunic’s credit titles, luckily there are many things to do. Everything is summarized in two blocks:

  • Start a new game +: ** We maintain all the skills and progress of our character in a new game.
  • Continue the original heading Looking for the pages that lack the instruction manual and find the rest of the secrets.

In our cthrown simultaneouslye, reaching the other pages of the game hthrown simultaneously given us for about four hours, which takes us at 21-22 hours. Of course, we have hidden secrets to finding it followed up!

How To Calculate Duration Across Time Zones
TUNIC is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC consoles through Steam. Also on Xbox Game Pthrown simultaneouslys. It is completely translated into Spanish . We recommend playing it with command if you choose the PC version.

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