Bleach: Brave Souls is available on PlayStation 4

As announced last year, the Bleach franchise finally finds the PlayStation consoles long after the release of the Bleach combat game: Soul Resurrección released in 2011 on PS3. We owe this little event at the Japanese studio Klab which finally comes out of the ps4 portage of Bleach: brave souls.

Now available for download on the PlayStation Store, this free-to-play out of PC and Mobile is playable in Cross-Play to gather the entire fans community in cooperative quests or oppositions in 3 against 3. History to leave On a good foot, PS4 players will receive bonus objects that will enhance their characters. In addition, to celebrate this PS4 launch, players of all platforms (iOS / Android / Steam / PlayStation 4) will receive a 5 ★ Lottery ticket to get a character 5 ★. Note that the game is located in French.

Released in Japan in July 2015, Bleach: Brave Souls Cumulates more than 60 million downloads in the world, as highlighted by its official website. Its road could last a while since the Tite Kubo manga will make its return this year on Netflix with a season 17 coming to add to the 396 episodes already available. The animation series had stopped in 2012 without adapting the latest arc of the manga.


Bleach Brave Souls Is Out On PS4 | Event Breakdown & Free 5 Star Tickets!

Bleach Brave Souls – New Generic Opening

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