Korean Games, Hana Bank, Metabus Financial Ecosystem Composition

The Korean Games Society concluded a work agreement for the composition of Hana Bank and Meta Bus Technology – based financial ecosystems.

The main agreements are △ a metaverse technical understanding and enhance recent market trends such as △ explore the roles and functions of the Bank △ metaverse regulatory and customer requirements can provide product / service opportunities in future financing.

Last January, the government assigns 800 billion won to the core of the metaverse industry growth for the development of premiere sources, ‘I announced. Digital conversion due to Corona 19 and the government’s digital New Deal policy, metabus and NFT have been rapidly in the industry to new trends in the industry.

In the private daily life and the entire area, existing core economic activities such as consumption, spending, production, and manpower management are being switched into online platforms and non-cotton, Financial systems are also moving to have competitiveness.

In particular, Hana Bank has established a Digital Innovation TFT for the metabus dedicated organization, This year, we have been promoting art banking using NFT and meta bus through a conclusion of work agreements for children’s financial education, and business agreement with Seoul Oil.

The Korean Games Society has steadily accumulated a long period of research in the fields such as the metaverse critical component, VR, AR, as well as the fields such as VR and AR. Based on this know-how, we have contributed to the Metropolitan Art Center and the MOU, and contributed to the metaverse recognition change as a cultural space that can be together with MZ generations, including MZ generation.

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The Korean Academy of Game Society The Institute of Commerce, “I am impressed that I am looking for a concrete measure of the meta bus in Hana Bank. We will try to show the alternatives of our Society and Hana Bank to show a specific financial metabus.”

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