Blue-white 90 Back in the track

After the avoidable loss to Staaken three weeks ago and the two subsequent Corona-related cancellations against FC Mecklenburg Schwerin and the CFC Hertha 06 Rostock FC on Saturday returned to winning ways. When Brandenburger SC Süd the Hanseatic city dwellers gained by an early goal from Wolf (12) and a late Scharf (90) with 2: 0th Full gloss was the success at relegation-threatened South BSC not due to lack of match practice by the Corona-enforced break but all the more important. The RFC remains thick in the business in the title race and has over the competition at least one game in the hindquarters.

Also on Saturday, Stahnsdorf and Mahlsdorf shared the counter in Eintracht’s duel. Kausch brought the RSV in through one lead (38). Stephan was like ten minutes from before the end of the Mahlsdorfer. Stahnsdorf missed to keep up through the draw with the table top and has now already five points behind.

Back on track Blue-White 90 Berlin. After the 0: 6 debacle from the previous week against FC Hertha Zehlendorf, the blue-whites showed on Saturday afternoon at home a reaction and won the top match against SC Staaken not undeserved 2: 0th The Mariendorfer laid out a start to measure. As early as the ninth minute Wiebach was spot on after a corner and hit worth a volley into the far corner. For Hesse in Staakener Gate nothing could be d1. Until the break the active conduct of match took place mostly between the penalty areas. Dangerous it was, if at all, only from a distance. Nothing changed much in the second round little. Only towards the end of the encounter Staaken became bolder and punchier. but too late. Especially since just blue and white 90 brought about the decision to urge phase of the guests after a counterattack with Lopes De Oliveira – 2: 0 (88.). The SC Staaken needs after a week deliver the standings again. Blue-White 90 sat overnight to the top, but lost it the day after again Zehlendorf.

BACK TO 90's HIPHOP LIVE 22.3.12
Hertha won against MSV Pampow thanks Ismaili in the final seconds with 3: 2nd In the 90 minutes before the “Pirates” the new leader offered neat Paroli and could not be also of Hoffmann’s own goal after only 60 seconds of rest bring. Berner-Hays arrived after half an hour to compensate. Also Ismailis (36) first hit countered by Pampow Zotkes penalty in the final minute of the first half. In fought second section describes the encounter could tilt in both directions. The better end was reserved for Hertha. The other Hertha consisting of Charlottenburg, however, a two began: 4 defeat at home to FC Hansa Rostock II, and missed it with the top teams to keep up the teams at the top.

In the other games, the TSG Neustrelitz the Torgelower SV Greif passed in mid-table. After a goalless first half, the home team turned after the first-half and pulled by wedge (60th, shot from about 20 meters), Delner (75th, Header from corner) and Watanabe (85th, gateway to edge), 3: 0 among them. 1 points: In addition, the Ludwigsfelder FC and bottom SFC Stern 1900 shared the first The basement duels between Seelow and Neuruppin and Schwerin and Stendal were canceled.

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