City creation sim “CITIES: SKYLINES” PC version is free distribution until March 18 0:00. DLC is also cheap at the EPIC Games store

Epic Games started a free distribution of “ Cities: Skylines ” at the EPIC Games store on March 11. If you log in to your account or create newly, you can play and play even after the end of the period. Distribution period is until March 18th. The price is 2980 yen.

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“CITIES: SKYLINES” is a urban operating simulation game. Players will be the mayor of new cities and will develop the city. The work is a wide range of work, up to public service provision such as residential areas and factory areas such as construction, water and electricity and roads, education, police, firefighting and medical care. We will increase the population that will gradually migrate, and will love the city. Each resident alone lives everyday based on each lifestyle, and the game screen can observe its movement.

Urban operation is not only bright side. If the city expands, various problems will be lifted. Let’s solve many issues such as traffic congestion, crime, dust processing, employment, etc. Constructing the necessary facilities, etc. can respond to problems. New facilities can be unlocked each time the population reaches a certain number. While thinking about the balance of urban economy, we will develop and manage and develop the city, and improve citizens’ life. In addition, the PC version is not Japanese non-compatible with the default. Cautions are noted because it is necessary to introduce volunteer MOD etc. to play in Japanese.

“CITIES: SKYLINES” is released on March 11, 2015. This free distribution is an effort to commemorate the 7th anniversary. This work is also released a large number of DLCs. Among them, a number of additional content is currently undergoing sales. A “PARKLIFE” to add an amusement park, a natural reserve, urban park, a zoo is 50% off and 760 yen. The temperature of the city is reduced, “Snowfall”, which is hit by snowfall, etc. is 50% off 640 yen. “Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan”, which can reproduce contemporary Japanese landscape, collaborated with Japan’s MOD producer, is 50% off and 260 yen. In addition, since DLCs in the sale are not in the percussion, they will first get “CITIES: Skylines” for free and customize it with additional content you prefer.

“CITIES: SKYLINES” is a free distribution until 0:00 on March 18 at the EPIC GAMES store.

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