Wow: The plan of the cheater master and the big finale in the mausoleum of the first

The mausoleum of the first is the mysterious heart of the shadowlands. There are the last secrets of the Creator hidden. And that’s exactly what the Charter Master, the Oberbösewicht of Wow: Shadowlands, was apart. In the sanctuary of the first he wants to achieve control over the World Chiefs of Azeroth to engage the end of eternity. If Zovaal succeed, then he can redesign the cosmos with death as a spearhead. But since the Chairman made his bill without the champions of Azeroth!

We have long had to wait for the final boss fight against the chairmaster. In recent months, the Lore fans have speculated a lot about which exciting stories expect us in the mausoleum of the first. For example, it would be the fight against Anduin Wrynn **, who came to the catches of the Chairman at the beginning of Shadowlands and served him as a puppet. Luckily, the history of the young king went well. But there still remains the final Bossamf against the Chairman who has apart on Azeroth. While his army of the slut-bound Zereth Mortis devastates, Zovaal penetrates the mausoleum of the first one.

Shadowlands: The beginning of the end

Although our opportunities to stop the villain are negligible, we follow Zovaal in the mausoleum. Shortly before the boss fight, Blizzard plays a cinematic in which the champion master explains to us his big plan.

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After such a long time, we finally learn why the Chairman absolutely wanted to reach the chamber of the Creator. On the altar standing in the middle of the room we see the model of a planet. If you look closer, then there is actually azeroth! So Zovaal does not need to travel to Azeroth, he can access our world directly via console.

The Final Pieces Quest WoW
In the video Zovaal fully focuses on his attention and entirely on the icy continent Nordend. As a reminder: In Northend, the story of Shadowlands began as Sylvanas forced the Lichkönig into his knees and tore the veil between Azeroth and the Shadowlands. The scene with Zovaal is strongly reminiscent of the legendary appearance of Algalon the observer, who appeared in Wrath of the Lich King in Ulduar and threatened to eliminate all life on Azeroth. Is that the only similarity?

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