Russia-Ukraine conflict: the impact on the sport

Russian invasion in Ukraine also has an impact on the world of sports. Here you will find all developments in chronological order.

Russia Ukraine conflict: Shelling halts evacuation as Zelenskyy makes historic address

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WAS has happened: Here it goes to all developments from 1 to 2 March

Wednesday, 09.03., 16:22: HSV-TeamBu S Holt browned to Hamburg

Handball Bundesliga club HSV Hamburg helps refuge from Ukraine on her way to the Hanseatic city. In a joint action with the THCC red-yellow Hamburg (tennis, hockey and cricket), the club will send his team bus and another bus to the Polish-Ukrainian border on Friday to pick up women and children there. This was announced by HSVH on Wednesday.

The bus is financed, among other things, by donating the association, the team and the fan clubs.

Wednesday, 09.03., 15.50 – Ukrainian Association plans hard sanctions against Anatoliy Tymoshchuk

In the course of the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian association is disciplinary against record national players Anatoliy Tymoshchuk. As the Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the Association announced, a series of sanctions were commissioned, which in fact a deletion of the former Bayern player resulted from the country’s football history.

Backgrounds are previously advanced statements of the 42-year-old to Russian invasion. Thus it says in the message: “Not only Tymoshchuk, former captain of the Ukrainian national team, has not yet been expressed to the topic, but he has just ended his cooperation with the club of Aggressor.”

Ukrainian Association wants to remove Tymoshchuk from history

Tymoshchuk is co-coach of Zenit St. Petersburg and renounced so far, unlike his compatriot Andriy Voronin, to a resignation. Voronin had laid his post as a wizard of Sandro black at Dynamo Moscow. According to the ethics committee, the behavior of Tymoshchuk damaged the image of Ukrainian football, which is why the committee requested four measures to implement the bidding tip.

First, Tymoshchuk is to be deprived of the trainer license given by the Ukrainian licensor. Second, the committee from the local authorities calls for the abnition of all state awards and honorary titles. Third, Tymoshchuk should be unknown all titles in the Ukrainian football, so championships and trophies. And fourth, he should be removed from the register of national players.

Tymoshchuk had played between 2009 and 2013 for FC Bayern, before he was active as a professional for Schachtar Donetsk and St. Petersburg. In 2017, he finished his active career at Kazakh Klub Kairat Almaty. With Bayern he became twice masters, twice DFB Cup winner and 2013 Champions League winner. With 144 international matches he is also record player of Ukraine.

Wednesday, 09.03., 10.24 – Fonseca: “Must stop the monster”

The Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca, who had been a coach of the Ukrainian Club Shaft Jor Donetk from 2016 to 2019, has had to leave the attack on Ukraine adventurous to Russia. The 49-year-old stopped in the city with his wife Katerina Ostrushko when attacking the attacks on February 24th.

“We are ran to the Hotel Opera, where Schachtjors coach Roberto de Zerbi and part of the team were housed. We have searched in a bunker refuge,” reported Fonseca in the interview with the gazzetta dello sport.

The Portuguese Embassy organized a minibus for his way home. Together with two other families, they were broken up towards Moldova. “It was a terrible trip: 30 hours drive without break. Sometimes we stood snake, the aircraft flew over our head, people found neither fuel nor food. Only on the border to Romania I have relaxed. My wife cries because we are crying Friends and relatives in all Ukraine, “said the ex-coach of the AS Rome.

The Portuguese appealed to the EU and the US that Ukraine does not abandon. “Which you do is important, but is insufficient. We have to stop the monster,” commented Fonseca.

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He complained that many soccer world people did not cover a position to Ukraine conflict. “It would be time for you to do that,” said Fonseca.

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