Dying Light already received his NEXT patch

At the end of last year, Techland announced that the first Dying Light would be receiving an update that would improve its performance at PLAYSTATION 5 and Xbox series X | S. From nothing, this update is now available for free for all users, and here we explain exactly what you can expect from it.

Via your social networks, Techland announced that this update is already available in consoles PLAYSTATION , and that in Xbox I would be debuting “shortly”. But what benefits include? In the case of ps4 pro , the game reaches 30fps much more stable but how truly interesting falls at ps5 .

In the new console of Sony we have three different performance modes: Performance reaches 60FPs in 1080p; Balanced seeking to reach 60fps in 1440p; Quality reaches 30fps at 2160p. Similarly, your developers mentioned that there were improvements at the drawn distance of the game in both in ps5 and in ps4 **.

Dying Light Next Gen Patch Tested: Performance, Balanced And Resolution
Editor’s note: Yes I’m a little disappointed since I expected a native version of new generation that really took advantage of all the power of these consoles. Sadly it was not like that, but in the same way, the base experience of Dying Light will be much more enjoyable thanks to this update.

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