This is your Pokemon

Every ambitious coach has a favorite when it comes to the types of Pokémon. But do they really fit them? We’ll tell you now what kind of pocket monster is best suited for you. And the on the basis of your zodiac!

What's My Favorite Pokemon? ft. Many Poketubers

What is your Pokémon type?

You have always wondered which type Pokémon would be best to fit? Which type of arena would guide her? Then your search for answers today will find your end – we’ll tell you which type Pokémon with you best clear. Based on your zodiac sign.

Please take this picture range with a wink. It is obviously based on no scientific standards, but serves purely for entertainment.

Click here to find out which Pokémon you are most similar:

And, are you agreeing with our allocation of your zodiac sign? Or are our Pokémon faithful totally besides and you actually have a completely different type that you prefer to exercise? Write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook!

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