Send meowcenaries to recover objects in Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise demo may be completed, but there are still features and elements to discover. Capcom has recently shown a new feature of Monster Hunter Rise called Meowcenaries. What players can do with these furry friends is to send them in the world looking for useful objects. Players can select different areas of the game, choose Palicoes and Palamutes, which are then launched in the air and travel by kites. It will rain catches and dogs.

The concept of Meowcenaries is not really new. The first games that come to mind with a game mechanism like this are the previous Monster Hunter Games and Final Fantasy X-2 with the Chocobo Ranch. In the video of Meowcenaries, the menus show the different palsic and palalegs with varying levels, which suggest things like improvements and scarcity of objects, depending on the places you explore and your Meowcenary forces. Perhaps even that some exclusive objects will be hidden in this game mechanism. It’s speculative, but the RPGs like Monster Hunter usually follow this type of model.

The Meowcenaries are headed by Chief Felyne Kogarashi, who was the Palico of the eldest of the village of Karuma. While the Meowcenaries do their thing, the player will have time to work on quests or everything he needs to do. After a while, they can check to see what their companions have reported with them. Get ready to send Meowcenaries when Monster Hunter Rise will be launched on March 26 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise Meowcenaries (QUICK GUIDE)
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