Burning a young life red burned red three-machine universe (Sora) high! “Sol Crunch” -Platinum Production Vertical STG finally appeared

Neo-Classic Arcade Series of Platinum Games Released on February 22nd 2022, a self-universal shooting game for Nintendose switch / PS4 / PC “ Solcrsteta “. We are blessed with the opportunity to play the PC version of this work before launch, so we will deliver the play report of this work that revives the fun of the out-of-shot game.

This work is a 1980-year-produced arcade game developed by Japanese products (abbreviation: Nichibu). It is a sequel title to take over. Those past works are spoken as “the battle that occurred in the past” in the opening of this work, and in the era of “Sol Crunch” Crosser, form a “Mega, Zofer” to fight the invader ‘Mega Zofer’. In addition, this work is the latest work of the Cresta Series, which has been formal license from Hamster Co., Ltd., which takes over game titles such as “Moon Crotter” and “Terracle” to “Moon Cloth” and “Terracles”.

Classic production and “Sol Cra” that the modern system was fused

When you start the game, the title screen appears after the opening, but there is a plenty of arcade game-like atmosphere in the character of “Insert COIN (S)” (adding the button to the title by pressing the button. Credit increases.).

Basic game mode is provided with two types of dramatic mode , which can be digged down as a paid DLC in addition to arcade mode . In arcade mode, the game starts simply by selecting each stage and the difficulty level (in addition to Very Easy / Easy / Normal and unlocked more than the play results). This time I used the Xbox controller for PC version to challenge gameplay. The left stick is moving up, down, left, and right, the X / A button is a body separation / combined, Y / RB is main shot (continuous fire), B / RT is the main shot (charge with single / long press).

In this work, power-up elements are of course, as well as three units, and separately collecting sol medals, so energy is increasing to use formation attacks, and command shots can be used. In addition, the combat element is that the loser (red) is a laser, a crucible (blue), and the main shot type when the main shot is different when the drill is at the beginning of each of the drills. I am showing the spread of how to play depending on the player’s choice.

Meeting with three-piece formation and universe, no one can enjoy the non-resort shooting game !!

When you start the game in arcade mode, it will enter the battle as it is. There was only non-barrage shooting, and there are few enemy bullets, and if anything, I received a more impressive impression of the number of enemy aircraft emergences. Because it can concentrate on defeating many enemies, it is finished not only to switch the main shot and change the coalescence order, but also to take all ways, such as formation attacks and command shots.

If you are fighting for a while, the middle boss appeared. The enemy bullets fired from the middle boss are more likely to be, but it is fresh to be able to fight while changing the war law with formation attacks and separations. In addition, even if the enemy bullet is hit by a shield system, it is not an error immediately (the “S” display under the score at the top left of the screen can be replenished when the shield can be supplied with the shield), and the own machine is less likely to be defeated, and some You can continue playing even if you contact an enemy or enemy bullets. Conversely speaking, it is a balanced balance that loses the enemy’s faction and power down. There is no bomb that erases all enemies and enemies on the screen to this work, but the Charge Shot “Gigadorill” that can be used in the middle of the Jointing machine and combines the SP gauge “Gigadorill” can erase the enemy bullet It can also be used as a shield.

In the postwar road after the middle boss, there are a stage gimmick where a beam or object is placed in the passage, and rushes into the boss when they overcome those disorders. In the boss battle, many enemy bullets are fired from the gun, but there is an ease of advancing by destroying all the guns, and it feels interesting to think of the capture order. Defeat the boss and defeat “Vikun” that eroses the planet is clear.

Even with stage 1 alone, it is fresh to get a different experience with the Barrage STG, which was the mainstream of the zero age and ten years. In addition, I strongly felt the fun to improve the game play skills to the system that corresponds to the player’s choice (in addition, and in addition, the person who is not familiar with STG will lose interest. Violent. I’m glad that there is almost no barrage). Regarding the length of the stage, looking at the arcade STG, it will receive a longer impression.

“Dramatic Mode” distributed as DLC is that wireless voice is provided not only to the Show of the main character and its companions, but also for the bosses of the bosses and stages, etc. The situation in the world where the player is placed was more understood. In addition, we are glad to develop a line in a 70-80’s robot anime atmosphere including TV / OVA, and the description of the situation is also sufficient.

“If it is a shooting game fan Mast !!” Funnyness

This work has its own options, and in the display settings, change the resolution and scan line, and rotate the display 90 degrees and enjoy the display of the display 90 degrees, and in the game setting, in addition to the number of players and the number of extend points, etc. Button settings can be changed. Among these, the manual should be introduced as an arcade game flavor instrument. Three instruments that can be viewed are explained by game systems such as formation attacks and command shots.

This work that is the latest work STG that appeared in the sound. Not only for beginners as non-resilient shooting I felt that it was a complete degree that seems to be ** “.

“Sorcresta” is on sale for Nintendose switch / PS4 / STEAM. The price of the main story is 4,378 yen (tax included), “Dramatic DLC” is 1,100 yen (tax included), main edition + additional content bundle version is 5,478 yen (tax included).

In addition, “Sol Crunch” will deliver a detailed review later, so please wait for you to look forward to it! !

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