Tennis: Wilander would have locked Zverev “three to six months”

The former world ranking first would have liked a much more sensitive punishment for Zverev after its outraster in Acapulco. “If a player breaks his racket on the referee chair and literally only a few centimeters away from making the leg of the referee, he should not go to a tennis court until he has a kind of rehabilitation process behind him,” said the 57 year old EuroSport expert from Sweden.

“One sanctions someone who behaves so, with a three-month or six-month lock,” added Wilder, who won seven major major titles in his career: “You do not allow him in such a case to play the most important tournaments in the calendar – the Grand Slams, the Masters events and the Davis Cup. “

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Zverev beats one and a half weeks after its disqualification in Mexico on this Friday evening (20.00 pm / SportsGermany TV) for the DTB at Davis Cup duel in Brazil. The 24-year-old had been asked for his behavior in detail and was evidenced by ATP with a penalty of $ 40,000 (about 35,800 euros).

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