Piccoro will have a new way in DBS: Super Hero

It is no longer missing for the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , and little by little we have been knowing more details about this anticipated feature film. We know that Gohan will play an important role within the story of it, although it seems that piccoro will also be a character that will show us all the power of it thanks to a new transformation.

PICCOLO'S NEW FORM REVEALED in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Via twitter , the official account of super hero shared a new poster, which shows us gohan and piccoro fighting side by side against gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the new androids of the film. The interesting thing is that Piccoro in particular Luce different, and according to the official description, the Namekian has unlocked its “potential reached” form.

At this point we do not know exactly the kind of powers or skills that piccoro will receive with this new form, but everything indicates that it could match the power of gohan **. Certainly it will be interesting to know how it is that this warrior is compared to the other heroes and Villains of Super Hero, but something is true: some epic battles await us.

Editor’s note: I think Piccoro has often been underestimated. Throughout the anime, we have seen this Namekian fight face to face against some of the strongest rivals of all time, and although it is not as strong as Goku or Vegeta, it seems that Super Hero will give him the opportunity to show what it is capable once more.

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