Ubisoft delays the Reboot of The Settlers

Welcome to The Settlers
Ubisoft has decided to delay the launch of The Settlers’s reboot.

It was expected that the new version of the classic strategy game was put on sale on March 17, but the French company has ruled out these plans after evaluating the feedback received during the last closed beta.

In a statement published on Twitter explain that “it has become clear to our team that the quality was not yet online with its vision.” It is unknown what the new date will be, except that “later” will come.

The additional time will be dedicated to “further improvement and improve its quality, as our main priority for all our players.”

However, it is a bad sign for a project that has already suffered other delays and that does not seem to be up to the expected of it. The Settlers was announced in 2018 with a launch planned for 2019, but when it approached this date it was delayed at 2020. In the summer of 2020, it was going again, this time indefinitely, and in January it was said that it would arrive on March 17. This, once again, will not be fulfilled, and many users are already wondering if the game at the end will be able to reach the expected quality.

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