Pokemon Co., Ltd.s overseas branch donation for approximately 23 million yen for Ukraine support [UPDATE]

The Pokémon Company International Co., Ltd., an overseas branch office, Inc. has announced that NPO group “Global Giving” donated $ 200,000 (approximately 23 million yen) to support Ukraine.

Tweet, along with the “Ukrainian children, the family sincerely expanded to everyone”, I donated $ 200,000 instantly to the Global Giving partner against the crisis that continues to expand in the country and Eastern Europe It is explained. This organization is non-profit based in the United States, and it seems that funds will pass to regional-leading support organizations in Ukraine. The following translation is translated.

Also, the other day, Mr. Mihairo Fedroov, who is a Vice Prime Minister Ukraine, including Nintendo, including Nintendo, has requested Russian sanctions, but it has not been clarified if this announcement is receiving it. In addition, the related account that announced the donation at the time of writing (3/4 09:33) is Pokemon overseas official.

※ Update (2022/3/4 11:25): Initial heading “Pokemon Co., Ltd. was donated”, but exactly because “Pokemon overseas branch office, Corporation is donated” Fixed.

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