New DBS poster: Super Hero shows us all his characters

Every time it’s less for the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero In cinemas of Japan , so these last days we have been receiving many advances of all kinds. From small trailers, up to new images and additional details, fans of the franchise are already preparing for which it could be one of the best films of the entire saga.

As you probably know, this movie will have a lot of characters, so do not expect me to goku and vegeta go to have so much protagonism this time. But who are all these characters? Well, a new poster is here and shows us all the heroes and villains of the feature film.

Of course, surely there will still be some surprise waiting for us in the film, especially because the most recent trailer of Super Hero also confirms the participation of a secret villain, which obviously will not be revealed in any kind of progress. Or at least I hope so.

DBS: Super Hero reaches Japan April 22 this year.

Editor’s note: Super Hero will definitely be very different from DBS: Broly, especially for so many characters involved. I just hope that having so many heroes and villains on the screen is not a counterproductive for the film, as we have seen that it becomes happening on certain occasions.

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