DOFUS 2.63: What to expect and teaser “Amazing Bosquet”

DOFUS offers a beautiful spring update with the patch 2.63 “Around Bosquet”. In addition to the redesign of the ocher , the malefic forest takes the lead and will shine again! But is it really all that the reserve update?

DOFUS 2.63: What to expect and trailer “Amazing Bosquet”

DOFUS : Au Mal Bosquet – Trailer

For its first major update of the year, the Dofus team offers a trailer to unveil its theme. In the spring, players will be able to leave for the malefic forest and his guardian, Hell Mina . The “Mal Bosquet” patch officially proposes a redesign of the area, a new series of quests to learn more about the Dragon Terrakourial and adjustments on the Eternal harvest. Yes, the Ocher Dofus will be less frustrating to get!

The level of the zone once retouched is unknown. In any case, it is very likely that it will contain one (or more) dungeon (s), with its own family of single monsters. Small new sides stuff will also be expected. If you want to learn more about the “known” content of this update, you can consult the DevBlog below, published very early, from the redesign of the Eternal harvest and obtaining the Ocher Dofus.

What will plan for updating?

Despite a relative silence on the part of the classic channels of Ankama, we finally know a lot of the next update of Dofus. Indeed, its content is already well determined. In addition to the situation of Bonta and Brakmar, the redesign of the quest for ocher and the Eternal Moisson was on the program. Better, Crocus , Game Designer, has recently unveiled more information about possible balances.

Class Embolibgers

During his last live “Every the world wants to take his class“, Crocus discussed future changes for Dofus 2.63. If we knew the existence of redone Iop and Enutrof , there will be no!

“There will be lots of little things, especially on the conditions to launch” [about the CRA] Crocus – Game Designer Dofus

After a heavy nerve at the 2.62, the CRA will see a good revaluation. It will only undergo up, on its conditions to launch in particular. More Overall, it is announced a “ * * Big Packaging * * of Balances with 2 Big Removals (IOP / Enutrof), 3 Heavily Modified Classes (10-15 Spells) and 3-4 Lighter (2-4 Spells). The team has changed its approach. After many big retouching, the changes will now be more “global” and intercon classes.

Cities of Bonta and Brakmar, Second Edition

December was a big month for the game. His two major cities were refurbished and he was undergoing a very big content update. Unfortunately, everything was not perfect and in addition to the removal of the zaapis, there are still small holes. In particular, we can cite the very raw aspect of the two cities on the map, especially Bonsta.

Fans of alignment quests also hope for a return of zaapis for militias and taverns. If they returned, they are always incomplete compared to their old versions. In addition, the team announced working on a similar system for other areas, Frigost on the front line, as well as the addition of missing workshops.

Guilds and alliances: the suite

The recasting of the social is beautiful and well in progress. With a first wave of changes in 2.62, especially interfaces, there is a lot to bet that Dofus 2.63 will continue the work. As a reminder, the redesign of alliances has been expected for years and regularly repulsed. Finally, the latter has joined a registration of the social, coming in 2022. In the guide of Teasing, Bonta and Brakmar have for example won very suspected buildings last December.


At the Ankama end-of-year event, several features had been mentioned as a priority for 2022. The temporal abnormalities and kolizéum can be mentioned. Not mentioned, treasure hunts must also iron on the operating table since the redesign of Pandala. In short, it is likely that in our ocher, and taking into account Logan’s messages regarding the size of this update, the 2.63 retouching other important aspects of Dofus. Except for kolizéum. Indeed, Crocus has already clarified that changes will be allowed later in the year.

Retouching on the monsters

Behind this pretty evasive expression, it is a bit difficult to imagine what crocus meant during his live. Retouching, this can conceer new monsters as a few modified. And then, what monsters? What type? Which area? What level? Do not be surprised to see some surprise lines in the future changelog of the 2.63 update.

DOFUS 2.63: When will the update arrive? According to Crocus, the various ads on the contents of the patch are ready to go out. The beta should also arrive very soon, with a large presentation live. The exact exit date is always determined, positioned for Spring 2022 .

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