How to defeat the flying Dragon Aguil in Elden Ring?

At the beginning of your trip to the world of Elden Ring, you may encounter several extremely strong bosses, one of which (literally) appears from the air. You can find a flying Dragon Aguila Southeast Ruins at the gate near the middle Lake Aguil in Limgray (see below).

While the Flying Dragon Aghil looks quite frightening and amazes the devastating attacks with fiery breathing which cover a large area – you can even play the playing field Sideways of your faithful horse torrent and use speed in your own interests. Perform the following steps to put yourself in a favorable position to damage.

  • Always stay riding and run when you can.
  • Stay on the spot and circle the FDA, slowly reducing the distance.
  • While close, cling to your feet and attack the back.
  • When endurance is low, retreat and move in a circle to recover.

Being confident Avoid Fiery Attacks of Flying Dragon Aguil _ Love price_ Since they are applied deadly damage . You can easily determine whether it is going to use one of these attacks – The fire begins to charge in the mouth . There is three fiery attacks to beware – that’s how to avoid them.

  1. Ground attack: FDA will spend the fire post, which will follow you. Run the torrent in both sides and reduce the distance while you do it. This is a good opportunity to get around it and cause damage.
    2. Airborne number one: FDA jump into the sky and will spend fire to the ground right below it. This attack will affect the huge radius of the area, so when you define it, sprint in the opposite direction. *
  2. The second air attack: Like the first air attack, this attack will affect a huge radius, but this time the FDA will fly over the battlefield and spew the fire from above instead of staying on the spot.

Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Fight Guide - Elden Ring Boss Fight
Flying Dragon Agheel also has a set of hand-to-hand attacks intended to kill you while it is on Earth. You will find that these attacks are quite easily identified from a short distance. Try to avoid attacks from afar using a sprint torrent, and then flush on it to apply one or two shocks of its legs or wings.

Be patient and use your capabilities to attack and reduce it to not. In the end, you will defeat the dragon and get Dragon’s heart For use in the Cathedral of the Dragon, to get Flame Aguila.

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