Gohan of the future could return in the Dragon Ball anime

Currently, we are all waiting for the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , the new film in the franchise. However, it is important to mention that the saga has followed ahead in other media such as the manga, and the promotional series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In the case of the latter, it is believed that Gohan of the future I could make an appearance since a mysterious warrior was discovered in the most recent episode.

Recently started the new Dragon Ball Heroes arc, and Goku had the opportunity to meet with some old friends like Jiren and Yamcha. These warriors were divided into groups as the episode advanced, and in the end, the Organizers of the Power Tournament We welcomed a hooded figure that could well be Gohan of the future. **

GOHAN SENT TO THE PAST!! | Dragon Ball Z Hope!! | Part 1
As you can see, this hooded figure uses the same pointy boots of Gohan , not to mention that only one of the arms of him is visible. Because of these two things, the fans believe that it is about gohan of the future, whom we saw for the last time at the anime of super . We will have to wait until the next chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes to know the answer.

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