How to get a double barrel in Roblox Da Hood

Da Hood from Roblox is chaos and crime. There are several ways you can sow chaos on the map, make money and collect all kinds of new weapons. Fight other players in hand-to-hand or in a shootout to find out who can become the most famous criminal authority.

There are many hidden items, secret tunnels and locations that you need to detect. Some of the best types of weapons find a little difficult, such as a two-barrel shotgun, which we can help you collect in the shortest possible time.

Where to find a double break

That first step it Find Yes Casino . As you can appear in a random place at the entrance to the game or when reborn, it may be a little difficult to understand the direction. Fortunately, Da Casino is quite easy to find, with his bright neon lights around the edges of the building and signboard. The shotgun is very easy to find as soon as you get to this place.


As soon as you get to the Da Casino casino, you should immediately have it the construction site is stuck yellow. If you look at this forehead in the forehead, and the casino right behind you, you must see two buildings to the left of you. Go to the connected mesh fence between two buildings.

When you are in front of the fence, you can see a little alley space between buildings. All you need to do is jump over the fence and head to left angle .

Straight in Left angle Next to Red Brick Building is the buttons for buying Double Barrel. It costs 1,400 dollars and an additional $ 60 for additional ammunition, so you first need to accumulate some money.

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