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The 4-day Daing Lite 2 is popular. The whole game is well received, and the top of the steam is a popular game top, of course, and it is also hot on various platforms such as YouTube and Twitch TV. Overall, we have a good idea to add a new elements to a good title, and there are many places that you have been reborn with a good title. However, there are some UI, which is hard to identify, but there are some ways to be resolved, but there is still an opinion that there is still a little resolved bug.

In this case, Games Mecca expects Daing Light 2, but he prepared a 5-line zombie game recommended zombie game that is unable to play on the PC for gamers that do not fit into the taste. Although it is a ceremony, it may not be an open world action, like a multi-layer 2, but it is a masterpiece that has a mistaken attractive advantage.

One. Bags 4 Blood

The first recommendation game is ‘Baek 4 Blood’. This game is well known as the mental subsequent of the Left 4 Dead (hereinafter referred to as a spicy game “as a mental successive operation. With the team members, the mission should be corrected against the endlessly broken zombie and the mission is to solve the mission. The higher the difficulty, the more important the role of each other. Because the sole behavior is a lot of situations that engage the survival of the entire team member, reminds the importance of role sharing in crisis situations.

Actually, if you play BALLAS, you will be able to combine the mission, which makes the mission to combine mission. Here you can feel strategic fun through the deck function that grants your abilities as a card. There was a point of contents that the content was not enough for the opening, but now it’s a lot better. As a result of a growing gamer to enjoy the sensibility of repatries, you may enjoy it.

2. Project Boys

The project you are looking for ahead of the 9th year ahead of the recommendation. It is a survival game that aims to collect material from a world that is only a zombie and aims to survive as long as it is as long as it is a survival game. I feel this. Unlike other zombie massactions, when it is infected with a zombie, it is infected as it is infected as it is, and it is necessary to avoid contact with the enemy to bring the enemies of the game through the noise. And it is a good idea to keep your ears easily because the sound is an important game.

This game has been treated only in the meaning of a man who knows only. I do not know when the formal launch will be, but it is a journalist game that is a game that is full enough.

3. State of Dike 2

State of Dike 2 is a crafting + survival game that should grow and survive through exploration in open worlds full of zombies. Games that deal with human survives in Post Apocalypse world gathering survivors, forming communities, and strengthen their buildings in the world, and adapt to the world that has been destroyed. The larger the base, the more noise of the noise level, and the enemies of the zombies are also frequent, and the fraud of the Army and the troops should be careful.

The core of the game is to recruit survivors that are required to expand the base and develop technology. It is also important to keep the player strongly, but it is also essential to bring survivors with certain technologies at the base they are doing. However, as the number of persons in the community, the more consumed resources must be efficient to increase.

4. Biohazard Village

Biohazard Village, which does not require a description, is also included in the category of zombie games. Baker’s family and a tough maternity, and now I was looking for happiness, and I deal with the story of the story of a rather closer. It is primarily focusing on the mother of Mudanda and his trail that dominates the village of the mystery, and to find Rose, which is primarily to find the Rose, which is to defeat the zombies and Lycan to defeat the next area and to release the enemies for the next area.

The work will proceed to the first person viewing point, such as the whole piece. It is called a player to give a sense of immersion, such as a player, and certainly, when you look at the game, Winters’ epidemic is touching. Ordinary (facts were not plain) The most demonstrated appearance is to give gamers to gamers. Beyond the Village, the Bio Hazard series is a favorable story of a story that it is a textile story.

5. Dead Rising Series

If the zombies that have been drawn to the games that have been introduced earlier have plugged the fatal and dangerous atmosphere, the zombies that appear in the Dead Rising series are characterized by showing a brighter and pleasant appearance. It’s a game that flows in the story, but everyone is rather than a story, “Let’s slaughter the zombies in any way,” he said. The various and viable weapons are emerging, wearing equipment for symbols, wearing equipment for symbols, and literally can be slaughtered literally. It is recommended that you enjoy the above games and enjoy the above games and enjoy the above games and enjoy the highest thirsts for exciting hands.

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