Dragon Ball Fighterz arrives at Xbox Game Pass from PC Morning

_ Dragon Ball Fighterz _ is one of the most acclaimed fighting games of recent years. Basically all current platforms have access to this title. PLAYSTATION, XBOX, NINTENDO SWITCH AND PC. Now, it has been revealed that the work of ARC System Works will reach Game Pass on PC in a matter of hours.

By means of a statement, it has been confirmed that _ Dragon Ball Fighterz_ will be available at Xbox Game Pass for PC next February 24 , that is, tomorrow. It is important to mention that this fighting game is now available in the console version of this subscription service.

This is the description offered by the game.

“Dragon Ball Fighterz has a dynamic 3VS3 support system that allows you to show your own personal struggle style by mixing team attacks! With a great list of loved characters, you can create the team of your dreams with the favorite characters of the fans, such as Goku, Gohan, Frieza, Cell, and many more! Certain combinations of characters also have a special dialogue before a fight. You can even recreate iconic moments of history by making certain characters fight and be rewarded with a special scene faithfully recreated! “

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Dragon Ball Fighterz reached the market in 2018, and enjoyed several support with multiple additional characters and a great presence in tournaments like Evo . Although it seems that the popularity of the game has declined little by little, its availability at Xbox Game Pass for PC will surely make it at least we see a new peak in active players for a few days.

On related topics, a Piccoro action scene has been revealed in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In the same way, this was the sacrifice of Vegeta in the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Editor’s note:

These are very good news for fans. Dragon Ball Fighterz is a fantastic game of fights and it is very worth it. This is, to this day, the best anime game that exists, and it would not be a surprise if this was the case for several more years.

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