“There is no difficulty in supplying SW personnel” “There are very many”

“Is there any difficulty in supplying the personnel?”

“There is a lot of great.”

23-year-old Telecommunications Institutional Planning Evaluation (IITP) (IITP) and Bae Hyun Sub’s Soft Tech representative. On this day, former directors were “Software (SW) to create a safe world, ‘visiting Soft Seoul headquarters with vision, and listened to the field.

Established as a 2002 KAIST alumni venture company, Suru Soft Tech is a company that provides automation solutions and services related to SW safety such as automobiles. It is a one-stop solution that has developed its own to model from the code to the model. The average annual revenue growth rate of 15.9% in recent five years is an excellent SW company.

Last year sales reached W33.6bn. We also have a training center that emits more than 500 students per year. We have also installed branches in China and the United States to grow into a global company beyond domestic. In addition to Seoul Headquarters, there is a branch office in Daejeon and Gyeonggi-do. Next year, I am ahead of the postponement of Pangyo office.

In this day, the ‘SW Technology Development Excellent Company on the SW Technology Development Company in IITP, which is held in IITP as part of the field communication, Choi Jae-hoon’s technology strategy, Shin Jae-hoon, Senior, Woo Chang-woo SW autonomous driving planning team responsibility attended.

In Sure Soft Tech, the Representative of Bae Hyun-seop and the CTO, the CTO, and the Code of Job Minhwa, and the Team Leader of Kwon Min Hyuk Code Analysis Technical Team Leader,

In addition to the introduction of Surg Soft Tech Company and the IITP Task Description, which is implemented by the company, the issue of SMEs have been in the form of a small and medium-sized businesses. Small and medium enterprises are suffering from a lack of poor, high-class personnel, irritating, and highway in all surfaces, such as wages and welfare. Especially, the 4th Army industry revolution is the time of social division, which is digitized, and SW personnel tribes are more serious.

Bae Hyun-seop asked IITP to strengthen the internship of SMEs and internships with its own instance.

“I wanted to work in our company instead of a large company that has come to our company in our company. I wanted to work in our company instead of the first time I dreamed of. I would like IITP to strengthen the internship program in college businesses. “

In the proposal of the ship, the former director said, “IITP, such as SW Central University Business, has a lot of business related to college talent.” Information and Communication Sector The IITP, which is a member of R & D (R & D), has been implementing several businesses to cultivate SW professional talent and digital innovation talent. Typical is a ‘SW-centric university business that enforces for each university to cultivate artificial intelligence (AI) and SW fusion workforce. In addition to the 37 universities, we have selected seven universities this year. In addition to this business, the innovation academy and SW Maestro are also implementing business. In particular, we are newly promoted a new business to cultivate SW and AI workers for soldiers this year.

The delegation appealed to the faith. He said, “We are an embedded enterprise, as well as software, as well as hardware. I have to solder it when I work,” he said.

Therefore, the former director diagnosed with the “Miss Matching”, which is a younger family avoiding SMEs, and has diagnosed with the solution to “buckle spaces” with that solution. ” “I can not tell you whether it’s a fashionable thing these days, I can not speak. I do not move the workforce, not the way to move, but I do not stop moving” I will not stop moving, but I will not stop the spaces for moving. Can not. I need to admit that the workforce moves, and I need to support it, and I need to support it well. “

The importance of SW safety was discussed as a Toyota Motor Co.,

“The car was also moved at the beginning at the beginning at the beginning, but it was gradually automated.” I concerned that the same basic is falling in the same basis, instead of the same as the operating system (OS), instead of the popularity of these days.

The delegation pointed out that the specific gravity of domestic embedded SW needs to be higher in the field of defense. He said, “In the past, foreign solutions have occupied more domestic market more domestic market,” but our proportion is bigger, “but the defense sector is still more foreign solutions.”

It is also a problem that the delegation of the ship is a problem in an accident analysis, such as cars. It was crucial that SW experts have had a report that SW experts had an analysis of accidents, and a report that had a great deal of accidents. “But in Korea, Korea, Korea was not to investigate the software professional personnel, when a large accident is in a large accident in the car and railroad.”

The delegation requested an improvement of the technical fee reduction system for the challenges to which national research institutes such as IITP. If the government participates in the R & D (R & D) business a few years ago, if the company expanded the recruitment of the young man, it will reduce the technical fee and recognize the corporate cash contribution as much as the enemy, and there is a blind spot.

In other words, if a company is promoted for a reduction in providing a technical fee, he must write a job with the employment person at the end of the task. But it is unreasonable that daily daily. For example, if a company will benefit from a technical fee at the end of the two-year challenge, write down the number of new jobs and the name of the new job, but the employee who wrote a name to the company can receive the company to be a company. A for a company, even though 30 people adopted, there are only 10 people to get the assignment benefit, and 10 people can quit three years ago. However, if you have fewer names in the first place, only 10 people were less, 30 people can cover this because 30 people can cover it, because this employee becomes small, because this employee becomes full of money.

I said, “I will review it,” I will review the system flexibly for purposes. “

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