Android 18 and Bulma will have new designs in DBS: Super Hero

Recently, it was announced that we would see GOTEN and TRUNKS as teenagers at Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . However, these two characters will not be the only ones to receive a visual update, since as part of a new promotional material, we also learned that Bulma and Android 18 will also have a fresh layer of paint.

These last days we have seen many new advances of Super Hero, Some of them have revealed us interesting details like those that we mentioned for a while, and here you can see how they will look Bulma and Android 18 for this future feature film :

In case you were not aware, Super Hero will be developed years after the events of super , so it makes sense that some of these characters are not going to see exactly as they did in the anime. In the case of Goku and Vegeta , it has been said that the Saiyajin get a lot slower than a normal human, so do not expect to see them as elderly.

DBS: Super Hero It reaches cinemas of J Apon on April 22 of this year.


Editor’s note: I intrigued to know how Super Hero will deal with the evolution of many of these characters. A very good time passed since I finished Super, and although the manga has continued the history of the franchise, this film seems to have no relationship with him.

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