An unofficial MOD that VR can enjoy even in “Minecraft Java Edition” appears! Oculus Quest 2 can also be played

“MineCraft VR” exists before, but there was a problem that the platform and compatible headset that can be played can be limited. However, new unofficial mod named “ QUESTCRAFT ” is trying to change this situation.

It is “ Minecraft ” with a difference from the edition, but now “ Bedrock Edition ” (integrated version) corresponding to the multi-platform is compatible with VR, and “ Java Edition ” The user has a feeling of being left behind.

“QUESTCRAFT” is the MOD created by the remodeling community of “ Main Craft “, and META (formerly: Facebook) VR Headset “ OCULUS QUEST 2 ” ( META QUEST 2 Using), “ Minecraft Java Edition ” also allows VR space to enjoy. Currently, it is not only the probability of encountering bugs for the beta development stage, but it has not been optimized and performance, and it may be likely to be ragged during play.

This MOD can be downloaded from the GitHub page and the installation method to Oculus Quest 2 is also described. However, “Minecraft Java Edition” also wants to enjoy VR experience satisfaction. In 2023, META plans to launch the next-generation high-end VR, code name “Project Cambria”, so it is only praying that it is an environment where you can enjoy without the difference in the edition.

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